site plan 1..trillion

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“The Trillion dollar Jackpot: A giant Starfish about to awaken!” The “Starfish”: A Poly & Precious metal producer:


My favorite class when 2 or more precious metals are produced from the same ROM Ore mined. Super low cost production occurs when pay metal credits are being sold from several metals contained in the same mineralized ore body. Example: Copper, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Nickel, Cobalt, rare earth metals and others.

This” Starfish” stock Highlighted, an Olympic Dam size mega poly-precious metal project is unique to the world, at surface, in a safe jurisdiction, estimated in-situ value ore body of over 1 Trillion dollars with process plant already bought and ready to produce.

This has the potential to become a “Starship to the Precious Metal Universe”.

The Process Plant:

polymet process plant22

Mining Site Plans:

site plan 1..trillion

site plan 2...trillion

My Technical Chart Analysis:

plm chart11111

This will become a familiar Gold Master Africa quote and you will hear this often from me; “A Gold Metal Producing Mine is just one big Gold Printer”. Buy your own gold printer:

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