Hyundai Low Ground Pressure tracks

The GoldHarvester 60T & 90T for Alluvial Gold Mining

These machines are custom designed by the author for large scale live capacity production fed by excavators or loaders. Although I’m a big fan of certain mobile trailer trommels, their applied use in Africa is limited by various factors of:

  1. Limited access (no roads/trails, steep terrain, thick trees/bush…..etc)
  2. Availability (build & shipping time)……4-6 months for certain models?
  3. Maintenance & running cost
  4. Purchase cost

My machines have these benefits over the above trommel limitations:

  1. My machines break down into sections and are transportable to any site anywhere by hand. They are assembled by hand without any tools required. To feed these machines, Excavators or Loaders with wide flotation tracks (low ground pressure) can walk up the rivers or river edges to the gold production site where roads don’t exist. In affect the river bottom becomes the path for them. See photo below.
  2. They can be built in any country for any gold river project in 14-21 days with the proper instruction, crew & supervision
  3. There are no moving parts and run on one or two water pumps. This is compared to trommels that can have electric motors, gas/diesel engines, generators, batteries, chains, belts, gears and so on.
  4. By purchasing my design-build plans and constructing these machines yourself you will save tens of thousands of dollars as quality trommels of this size can vary in price from $40-$80,000usd plus shipping.

Let me be clear on this, even though trommels have some limitations here in Africa they can be the best choice for large scale production if the road access is good, the terrain and gold bearing bench elevation is moderate and the cost/delivery is affordable. Even if there is a long build/delivery wait my machines could be built quickly (14-21 days) and be another source of gold production on the site along side the big trommels.

Hyundai Low Ground Pressure Excavator:

Hyundai Low Ground Pressure tracks

I will be offering my services as a Project Engineer Consultant with time packages of 7-14 days for site visit inspections, initial project report with my recommendations, supervision & instruction of fabrication of my machine by your crews, Project maps and site sampling for grade.

I will also be available for project consultation on Skype once the IT technology is completed shortly.


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  • mike

    Reply Reply April 12, 2016

    I like your equipment, how do I get your plans for the Gold Harvester 30T for gold and gemstone production? Mike

    • Matt Montauk

      Reply Reply April 12, 2016

      They will be on the website soon as we are just beginning this site. The store will be open soon! Gold Master Africa

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