The GoldHarvester 10T (wood-tin lined) for Alluvial/Placer Gold Mining

All my GoldHarvester Models (10T, 20T, 30T, 60T & 90T)  are inexpensive to build with local country materials (Wood-tin, Steel or Aluminum). You can build this model for under a $100 material cost in Africa or most any country. Production capacity is up to 10t/hr depending on soil types, crew size and loading techniques. It has optional piping systems for hand loading, dredging or both.

This particular machine is loaded with my own Gold Capture System: Drop Ramp Riffles. They are custom designed and built for high capacity production. Local material used for ramps are door mats, car mats, rubber mats and carpet for mixed trapping configurations. The metal grids are made of flat steel, rebar and raised wire mesh. Height of ramp and drop to create a reverse vortex is contingent on water volume production capacity. I will detail this design more under: Gold Capture Systems in a future post.

See photos:


CIMG6528 CIMG6537 CIMG6700 CIMG6781


CIMG6695 CIMG6699

I designed this complete machine to be built from one sheet of construction grade plywood. I have a pattern cut out template I designed for anyone to use for cutting the pieces prior to assembly.

This African super saw took only 1 hr to cut the pieces:

Photo3634 Photo3606 Photo3615 Photo3604 Photo3617 Photo3629

The design plan, assembly instructions and photo assembly photos will be for sale on this site in the future. I will also give you my advice on the best commercial gold capture systems on the market that load into my GoldHarvester machines. They have super gold capture abilities and very quick clean ups.

Gold Master Africa

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