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The Gold Master of Africa

A short background on Matt Montauk
~ The Gold Master of Africa

I’m a goal and results oriented skilled Professional with 41 years of ascending supervisory construction, engineering and Geological mineral/mining development experience working on heavy industrial/commercial projects in Africa & the United States. The last 16 years I’ve worked in mineral mining business development overseas in Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia, Congo and South Africa completing assignments in challenging environments, areas of civil unrest and supply shortages while managing multi-lingual, multi cultural skilled and semi-skilled workers. Prior to this I spent 10 years in the quarry/gravel pit business developing, licensing and operations of sites for a total of 26 years between Africa and USA.

Selected African Accomplishments:

  • Mozambique: Owner/Consultant/Technical Manager: Gold exploration, Gold site licensing, Gold trading and Gold site development (river alluvial gold and adjacent eluvial gold weathered reef deposits).
  • Congo: Gold Consultant on Gold site development (river alluvial gold – placer deposits, eluvial gold & hard rock vein/reef – lode deposits). Value added gold mining production designs. Gold equipment design/build for remote alluvial/eluvial gold mining.
  • I’m a Gold Expert in river alluvial & eluvial gold mining methods, techniques & design/build of gold production equipment for remote locations.

My photo’s: Zambia
gold master africa zambia
Mozambique: Crushing high gold grade hard rock
gold master africa mozambique crushing

Mozambique: River gold exploration
gold master africa mozambique river gold

Congo: Gold Camp
gold master africa congo gold

Congo: Traveling 500km to remote gold site on Christmas Eve
gold master africa congo gold travel

Congo: Gold exploration on Christmas day-2015, hard rock, eluvial & alluvial gold
gold master africa congo gold travel2

Through this blog I’ll be taking you through my African Journey! I’ll show you how to become the next Gold Master of Africa!

~Matt Montauk
Gold Master Africa

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