GoldHarvester 10T Wood Tin

Ebook: GoldMasterAfrica GoldHarvester 10T Wood Tin

Build your own Wood/Tin GoldHarvester for under $100!!
40 pages
 pf detailed instructions on building a GoldHarvester out of ONE sheet of plywood (+tin)

The heart and soul of this ebook contains:
-GoldHarvester 10 ton capacity machine plan design
-Fabrication saw cut out template drawing + Material list
-Dozens of photos & assembly instructions
10T GoldHarvester 10T GoldHarvester 2  design

BONUS 1: Instructions on how to build a super low cost water spray bar and piping system!

-Material list + Photos & assembly instructions
-Bonus ON TOP of the bonus: Pump, Piping, Water Volume & Pressure advice!

BONUS 2: Instructions on how to build a super low cost grizzly bar

-Design layout plan + Material list + Photos & assembly instructions

BONUS 3: Instructions on how to build a damper/scrubber system (INSANELY CREATIVE!)

-Design + Material list + Photos & assembly instructions

Get all this for $200! $99!!!