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I’ve launched my 1st e-book for sale, machine designs for high gold production at remote alluvial gold river sites; the GoldHarvester line of equipment.

This is done for the small scale Gold Miners of the World from China to Africa to South America. Completely collapsible, and transportable to remote locations by foot, reassembled in less than 10 minutes by hand with NO TOOLS REQUIRED!  Live production through put capacity is up to 10 tonnes per hour on this GoldHarvester 10T (Wood-Tin design) machine.

Alluvial gold miners, used to back breaking labor, take notice, instead of hand panning, sluicing with crude machines, using hobby/ recreational equipment for processing gold bearing river alluvial material of  5 – 10 ton per DAY production rates?

Get my GoldHarvester line of machines for light commercial production of up to 10 – 30 tons per HOUR!  Make at least 10 times the production you currently achieve and much more with my bigger models of GoldHarvester 20T (up to 20t/hr) & Goldharvester 30T (up to 30t/hr).

Buy my plans & specs to build my GoldHarvester gold capturing machines for light commercial production done by hand feeding & dredging. I build these machines in any country in 3 – 7 days with local materials and you can too. I will teach you with my easy to follow photo assemble instructions, plans and templates!  My Goldharvester 10T (Wood-Tin) design e-book is for sale now:

gh 10T Wood for sale 1 of 2

gh 10T Wood for sale 2 of 2




Make more money from mining alluvial gold with my Goldharvester machines; build this model in any country with local materials for under $100. No pumps, dredge piping & nozzles or gold capture equipment included.

I’ll teach you how to get high volume production and capture the fine & flake gold at the same time with my gold capture techniques and methods.

It’s all on my website:

Another design Bonus: Learn how to catch Gemstones at the same time with my Goldharvester 20T & 30T models. On sale soon in my store.

A GoldMasterAfrica quote: “Think and grow Rich in the Gold business!”


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