River terrain (Alluvial Gold deposit characteristics)

“All rivers are like women, all beautiful, all different!”

Aerial photos for scouting & mapping a plan:

A rich spring fed Gold River:

spring fed gold river gs

Lots of gold on this river:

TAuRiverMap14 TAuMap11 TAuMap9 Test site loctions 1-4 and 5, 6 & 7-Bulk Production Test-

River terrain examples:

20122010(009) 19122010(011) 19122010(006) 19122010(021) CIMG7505

CIMG7618 CIMG7624

CIMG7623 CIMG7621 CIMG7512

Photo3294 Photo3339 Photo3341


Weathered hard rock reef crossing the above river, a prime spot:


These are just a few examples of many rivers I’ve been on, as you can see the variety is endless. How you attack these river structures with your methods and techniques will determine your success in river basin gold mining.

Local artisan panners working on any river system are the best scouts in the world for me in Africa. Follow them and find the gold.

My Gold Master motto:

“Give me Rivers with water & panners anywhere; I’ll give you high Production”


Gold Master Africa


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