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“Ride the Gold Wave on the Ocean of Gold”; catch a 3.3 bagger!

What’s a 3.3 bagger? It’s simply 3.3 times your initial stock investment, a 230% net return, by the way this just happened on one of my GoldFish recommended gold producer stock picks. A 1st time producer where this is possible & probable once recognized by the market especially in this infant Gold Bull Market; just starting! 

Another surprise for you; this all happened in just 6 months; yes 6 months from December 17, 2015 to June 17, 2016. Initial buy price: $2.84/share, trading today at $9.40/share. If you sold today that’s a 460% net yearly return but I wouldn’t, this baby GoldFish has a long life in the Ocean of Gold. 

Not bad compared to T-Bills & Bonds yielding 2-4%/year. And now the most unheard of crazy thing I’ve ever heard of in my life: negative interest rates? Governments & Banks must think we’re all really stupid! I’m not; nor is the big money Investors like George Soros (who’s just shorted the S&P 500- see my past posts on this!), Stan Druckenmiller and other Billionaire Investors.  

By the way; if you didn’t know it George Soros broke the Bank of England in 1992 and made 1 billion usd on the trade. These guys know what they’re doing! 

I’ve been talking about exponential & multiple stock price growth returns for awhile now.  

To achieve this, think small, yes think small & then gain big growth, multiple profits. Invest in the small emerging 1st time gold producers with small caps, smart management, low total Gold production costs/oz…etc. All this is in my “Ocean of Gold Manual”-15 top picks & premium monthly newsletter “The Gold Net” 

See Charts of this stock & my technical analysis:

(5 yr-Weekly chart HLOC)

blogguyana goldfields ya 5yr weekly chart - Copy

(1 yr-Daily chart HLOC):

blog guyana goldfields ya 1yr daily chart

This will become a familiar Gold Master Africa quote and you will hear this often from me; “A Gold Metal Producing Mine is just one big Gold Printer”. Buy your own gold printer:

They produce (print) gold from the ground by mining the ore, concentrating it, purifying it and then selling it; you can be a part owner of these Gold metal producers (printers). Read my posts; buy my “Ocean of Gold Manuals” and subscribe to my newsletter: “The Gold Net”, I’ll show you how.

A Gold Master Africa quote:

“You have to go out on a limb; to pick the Fruit!” (a Golden Apple)


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