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Alluvial Gold Mining (Benches) by Hungarian Rock Riffle Ground Sluices: Artisan Miners in Mozambique. You won’t see this in Canada, Alaska or China gold mining camps!

This is a fun blog post for me. I have during my Indiana Jones like real life explorations come across some of the most amazing & extraordinary local gold getting techniques ever seen on the planet. This is one of them. The photos speak for themselves: Driving into the Gold Camp: The Gold Camp: The…

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Alluvial Gold Quality (Purity)

Natural unrefined raw alluvial or lode gold is an alloy made up of gold and other contaminates of typically silver, copper and others. Gold quality is the proportion of pure gold weight found within this alloy. See this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_nugget Composition Nuggets are usually 20.5K to 22K purity (83% to 92%). Gold nuggets in Australia often are…

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Alluvial Gold Grade

Average alluvial river basin gold grade in Africa: From my work experience in Africa is 1-5grams/tonne. These are averages and every river or bench will have hotspots or jackpots of high concentrations of gold from various aberrations of past rain events and the many obstructions contained within the river or created from these rain events…

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Gold River Alluvial Deposit: Location-Access

This can affect your success in various ways. They are obvious but I want to highlight 2 examples in this post. 1.Does the gold project have good road access and location? This weathered reef mountain of gold did with unbelievable gold grades; you could drive up to the site where the gold camp was below…

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River terrain (Alluvial Gold deposit characteristics)

“All rivers are like women, all beautiful, all different!” Aerial photos for scouting & mapping a plan: A rich spring fed Gold River: Lots of gold on this river: River terrain examples: Weathered hard rock reef crossing the above river, a prime spot: These are just a few examples of many rivers I’ve been on,…

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Auburn ravine sluice 49er

Alluvial Gold Capture Systems

This is always a hot subject and much debated in the gold world. Commercial gold equipment suppliers, gold mining producers, seasoned prospectors, hobbyist and arm chair experts have a tendency to claim their systems are the best. In a way they’re all correct and possibly all incorrect to a degree, too. We all learn by…

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sluice 49er

Alluvial Gold Mining methods & techniques

Two methods for mining alluvial or eluvial raw material from river basins: 1. Hand digging pits & hand feeding Au machine: Always move Gold machines close to material being dug (excavated)! Work close and around the pits so workers just hand sacks or buckets out of pit directly into hopper. I see just the opposite so…

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Maximize “Live Production Capacity” for Small Scale Alluvial Gold Mining

This site is about making money from gold as a business, a career, a potential lifestyle of international adventure and anyone from a novice, a hobbyist to a seasoned pro can learn from it. Live Production capacity methods are truly the secrets to an invisible business unseen by most people in the gold business or…

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Hyundai Low Ground Pressure tracks

The GoldHarvester 60T & 90T for Alluvial Gold Mining

These machines are custom designed by the author for large scale live capacity production fed by excavators or loaders. Although I’m a big fan of certain mobile trailer trommels, their applied use in Africa is limited by various factors of: Limited access (no roads/trails, steep terrain, thick trees/bush…..etc) Availability (build & shipping time)……4-6 months for…

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The GoldHarvester 30T for Alluvial Gold Mining

This unit can be built out of steel in any country for under $300 for all sheet steel, flat steel, rebar, angle iron, u-channel, welding rod and paint. We are getting ready for a pump & piping test: Pump & screens: Damper/Scrubber: Cow delay: Loaded: Setup at test site:    This machine has three flumes…

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