Gold Exploration Sr Geologist Extraordinaire

“My tribute to Noel Sheppy!” This Renaissance man became a Geologist by accident; some of his talents & bio data: 1.In his youth at High School & University he acted on stage, sang, danced & played musical instruments as good as anyone. Oh I forgot he became a class president & started a newspaper, as…

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the gold net2

Gold Master Investing Newsletter: “The Gold Net”

The Gold Net is my special premium monthly service to provide you with strategies, suggestions & recommended stock choices on a variety of precious metals, minerals & commodities, some I have personally traded & others I have seen. This idea comes from my “Ocean of Gold” manual; my analogy of Gold & Polymetal producers in the…

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killer whales

Gold Master Investing Manual: “The Ocean of Gold”

By casting the Gold Net from my “Ocean of Gold” manual we catch different categories of Gold Producers; My 5 main categories for gold investing: The Killer Whales The Sharks The Goldfish The Minnows The Starfish Note: 3 publicly traded Gold Mining Stocks are highlighted in each category for a total of 15 choices in…

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Gold is breaking out...8yr montly chart1

Gold Master Investing Newsletter Launched Today

“Gold Investing Advice, Strategies & Analysis” If you don’t have time, expertise or desire to produce gold from alluvial gold mining like my clients and partners do, then I’ve created this premium “Gold Master Investing Newsletter” section on my website specifically for you, to invest in the coming super gold bull run that in my…

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Victor Site 3468C 03.10.2011...Z-3

Alluvial Gold & Gemstone Consulting Service:

“Worldwide from Asia to Africa to Central & South America” Consulting Services Provided: -On-site Work: Initial site Inspection, gold grade & soil material sampling for machine production & gold capture system designs, GPS data collection for maps and preliminary alluvial mining plan/design -Project Engineer Consultant Report includes: -Maps (Many examples-See in Blog 25-Alluvial/Placer Gold Mining…

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River Aspects: One design component I use within my gold catchers: Waterfalls

This is a continuation of blog series: “Alluvial Gold River Characteristics” I use for my gold capture designs. 1. Waterfalls are drops: Here are photos of a few famous waterfall drops created by Mother Nature from Wiki link: She has created an infinite variety: Niagra, USA: Angel Falls, Venezuela; The tallest: Victoria Falls, Zambia:…

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Alluvial Gold Mining: One Gold Capture System component I use: Coir-the perfect gold catcher from Coconuts?

It certainly is one of the best for performance, availability and price! Gold this size and shape is easy to capture & catch with almost any sluice box insert (miners moss/nomad, indoor/outdoor carpet, rubber mats….etc : And this shape & size is also easy to capture and trap: But this gold size and shape below…

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Gemstone Capture Methods & Techniques for Mining Alluvial Gold & Gemstone River Basins

A big benefit for Artisan diggers & gold operators from China to Africa to South America! This title discussion on Gemstone capturing is taken from the Contents page 2 of 46; How to build e-book manual: GoldHarvester 20T (2 flume design): Contents: Plans & Specs inside include 1. Machine 1.1 Machine plan design (hopper &…

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Alluvial Gold River “Characteristics” I use in my designs for capturing gold. Is it possible?

It is for me. In fact I design all my GoldHarvester machines with my gold capture techniques and methods, based on what Mother Nature has taught me and continue to teach by my observations & experiences with them. Mother Nature has her own ability to concentrate & capture gold. Find out how, highlighted in this…

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Small Scale Gold Mining Equipment

I’ve launched my 1st e-book for sale, machine designs for high gold production at remote alluvial gold river sites; the GoldHarvester line of equipment. This is done for the small scale Gold Miners of the World from China to Africa to South America. Completely collapsible, and transportable to remote locations by foot, reassembled in less…

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