Making Money from Gold

There are many ways:

  1. Buy the physical gold (bullion or coins) and hold it.
  2. Buy gold scrap (jewelry or electronics) for the melt value.
  3. Buy into Gold funds and hold it.
  4. Buy stock shares of publicJunior Gold exploration companies who are defining reserves for future mining or about to produce Au metal. (My premium service)
  5. Buy stock shares of public Gold mining/metal producing companies when market conditions are ripe for it. (My premium service)
  6. Trade Gold metal futures & certain FX currency pairs tied to gold appreciation or depreciation. (My premium-\ service)
  7. Mine Placer Gold deposits from river alluvial and weathered reef eluvial material, this is the main focus of my GoldMasterAfrica blog and potentially the most lucrative way of making money from gold.


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