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Mine Alluvial/Placer Gold Deposits

  1. Why? If you like gold, it’s potentially the most profitable of all ways to make money from gold especially for a private, independent entrepreneur or closely held private company.
  2. There is gold in almost every country in the world, you pick your country, local home ground or international, your choice?
  3. If you choose an international country, find a local partner who already has a licenced gold site and partner up with him in a joint venture, you control the money and equipment, he has the site. Negotiate a fair percentage split of the actual gold after deducting expenses paid to the one who put up the money. It’s easier than you think at the moment to do. I’ll guide you in my e-book on this with one of my actual small scale business plans: “Gettin Gold: Goin International the GoldMasterAfrica Way”
  4. By partnering with a local gold site holder you will quickly get started and expedite this venture of making money from river gold production.
  5. A local partner will know all who is connected by having a gold licence and will become invaluable to you to operate there.
  6. You will learn the lay of the land much quicker by getting your feet wet this way and opportunities will abound by you just being there.
  7. This is not for the feint hearted but neither was crossing America in the 1800’s by horse and wagons without a 911 to call for help. See photo:

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Gold Master Africa

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