Gold River Alluvial Deposit: Location-Access

This can affect your success in various ways. They are obvious but I want to highlight 2 examples in this post.

1.Does the gold project have good road access and location? This weathered reef mountain of gold did with unbelievable gold grades; you could drive up to the site where the gold camp was below the mountain.

A great location with good access:


The mountain of gold bearing weathered reef:


Diggers carrying gold bearing laterite down the hill:


A gun at rest guarding the site:


The only draw back on this site was lack of running water. The diggers had to wait for transport trucks to carry their gold pay dirt to a river 7 km away for washing the gold out:


He’s sleeping on his gold pay dirt:


Why? Because this pile could carry over a kilogram or more of this Corn Flake Gold (my name for it):


Very high grades (quantities per tonne) were coming out of this mountain. Quality was 62% gold & 30% silver.

My point on this site is this:

1. It has great location & access for motor vehicles.

2. Heavy equipment and major gold processing equipment could be brought here easily.

3. The water issue could be solved with wells (bore holes) for process water.

4. This site has many desirable attributes and lots of gold.


Versus this gold project:

KN Area topog.11.02.2011 KN Chicira River System2 11.02.2011

All river tributaries are highlighted in yellow by author. The location is remote but ok. However the access is only by 2 gravel roads shown in red on east & west sides of property. A hash line shows only one forest path through the property. All access is by foot or the insides of the rivers.

There is a very rich alluvial gold river within the property that has many tributaries feeding into it. All tributaries must be explored for the source reefs and best gold grade alluvial gravels. See photos of terrain:

05022011(023) 05022011(024)

Very poor access but very rich alluvial gold grades:

07022011(009) 07022011(006) 05022011(007) 05022011(001) 05022011(006)


This site has very poor access but is rich in gold. It can be successfully worked from the inside out with my portable GoldHarvester machines or similar. All gold projects have pros and cons to their location and access. Dealing with these issues properly will determine how successful your project will become for you.


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