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Alluvial Gold Mining “Live Production Capacity”

Simply put: It is the total raw natural alluvial or eluvial material (sand, gravels/cobble, clays or clay laterites) processed live through your gold capture system in tonnes per hour (t/hr). One cubic meter of the soils mentioned have an average sg of 2.5 therefore each m3 weighs 2.5 tonnes.


To estimate hand dug production just mark off an area 2m (long) x 1m (wide) x 1m (deep) = 2m3 x 2.5t/m3 = 5t. Hand feed this volume through your machine by shovel, sack or bucket in 30 minutes, you’re production rate is 10t/hr. If soils are hard and clay like and you only manage 1m3 per 30 minutes, your production rate is then 5t/hr.

Soil types greatly influence through put production capacity on any gold capture machine. As a rule of thumb clay material is at most 1/3 the capacity of clean, sharp sand/small quartz gravels. So what does this mean? Example: If your system in place is harvesting gold from sand/cobble at 30t/hr and you move this same system to an alluvial clay feed the production will likely drop to 8-10 t/hr maximum.

I design and build my own gold harvesting machines. I build them in any country with local materials of wood/tin lined or steel sheets. Aluminum would work well in North America or where available. There are no Home Depot or Lowe’s here.

My proprietary gold harvesting machine designs emphasize key components that are not recognized by the general gold industry today for small scale, light commercial production in remote inaccessible locations of the world. This usually means steep mountainous/hilly terrain, drainage ravines or rivers with heavy bush/tree growth with no trails or roads for access that eliminate any type of 4×4 Motor Vehicle, ATV or Trail Bike use. All my machines fold into themselves in 2, 3 or 4 main sections. Each section is then carried by hand to remote site, reassembled in 10-15 minutes by 2 men and is operational when pump /piping are connected. This goes on while other workers set up the camp and other associated equipment. Don’t underestimate the difficulties in walking up these river drainage ravines to get to the rich gold alluvial gravels.

My gold machine designs come in 5 sizes:
1. Gold Harvester 10T
2. Gold Harvester 20T
3. Gold Harvester 30T
4. Gold Harvester 60T
5. Gold Harvester 90T

Plans & Specs for these gold machine designs (10t-90t/hr) will be available soon for sale on this site and other affiliates for you to build yourself. Or under my consulting service package I will advise by Skype or on site consulting supervision at your country location depending on your need and subject to my availability?

The old gold panners of the 1800’s:

sluice box 1900

The correct Live Production Capacity is the #1 key to your Success in Placer deposit gold mining!

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