--chinese diabetes explosion

“Golden Health is Golden Wealth”

“My tribute to Dr Andreas Eenfeldt”



I started following Dr Eenfeldt’s website back in early 2011 over 5  years ago. I’m a long term follower & supporter of his.  

I am very impressed with his simple, straightforward message/writings on Weight, Obesity and Diabetes solutions/control.

Diabetes & Obesity is an epidemic occurring in all nations of the world with America leading the way with their crazy untested anti fat SAD diet starting 40 years ago. See photo from DietDoctor.com of problems in China:

--chinese diabetes explosion

When I noticed I was tired and urinating frequently, an engineering friend of mine, a diabetic for 16 yrs, tested my sugar. To my surprise and not knowing; it was 21 mm/deciliter or 378 on the American scale. I was a walking Diabetic time bomb with the fuse lit and almost to detonation! 

Boy did that open up my eyes as Ken impressed on me the implications of this could be loss of sight, amputations, high cholesterol to induce diabetic  heart attacks and high blood pressure.

 I got motivated that day! I watched a video of Dr Andreas interviewing Dr Jay Wortman, a Canadian doctor. I was most impressed with his personal story as mine was very similar to his. I acted immediately and went on the LC/HF diet, limiting all carbs to 10-20 grams per day, drinking lots of water (+2 liters), eating real foods with natural fats, especially saturated fats. I didn’t have expensive olive oil where I worked in Africa. I learned I didn’t need it. But I could find real butter for my coffee, a great treat for me. 

That being said here is my starting weight & photos: 

Me at 128kg (282lb) & my fat photos: 

My waist is 44” and I can’t tuck my shirt in:





Me with my 2 German friends; 3 Big Bellies:


My current weight is: 86kg (189lbs) with a 35” waist. My goal weight is 80kg (176lbs) & a loose 34” waist. My current photos:





I’ve lost 42kg so far and weight 86kg now; only 6kg to go to my goal weight of 80kg!

 My sugar & diabetes is now controlled completely by the LC/HF lifestyle and I’ve never taken medications. My sugars run 4.2 – 5.6 and here is a true story for red wine lovers:

 After eating a nice LC/HF breakfast of egg omelet, avocadoes, tomatoes & spiced mayo with chili peppers, I wasn’t hungry as usual all day. A friend brought a liter of red wine over for us to enjoy in the late afternoon. A fantastic treat; that evening I checked my sugar, the lowest ever (3.6). This happens to me personally all the time. So if your diabetic or not enjoy a glass of red wine or two whenever you like, a real treat! See photo:


All my friends have seen my results and come to me for advice; I give it freely & the Dr Andreas’s website: www.DietDoctor.com.

 I see so much obesity & diabetes (with amputated legs) in Africa; where I’ve worked for 17yrs that I’ve joined your crusade. I’ve become the Diet Doctor of Africa (I’m an Engineer) by default in the areas I work in with some amazing similar results to mine; just on simple diet changes to the wholesome & tasty LC/HF. People hooked on bread especially like your low carb bread recipes, fantastic! And the cabbage rice or Zucchini Spaghetti to name a few others.

 I’m posting this on my website: www.GoldMasterAfrica.com and sending the link to Dr. Andreas who I hope to meet some day!

I’ve done this post as a tribute to Dr Andreas, for my sons, my viewers and to continue the crusade of his Food Revolution, especially here in Africa!

 I will be adding a Golden Health blog post once or twice a month for you my viewer’s health to make or keep it Golden.

 My Gold Master Africa quote: “You cannot teach a student until he or she is ready to learn!”


 The Gold Master Africa- Gold Master Investing


Matt Montauk

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