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Gold Master Investing Newsletter: “The Gold Net”

The Gold Net is my special premium monthly service to provide you with strategies, suggestions & recommended stock choices on a variety of precious metals, minerals & commodities, some I have personally traded & others I have seen. This idea comes from my “Ocean of Gold” manual; my analogy of Gold & Polymetal producers in the world. See Topic & Subject list below that I will be highlighting from; 4 different strategies & precious metal stocks for you to consider & profit on during this next Gold Bull Market.

I will also add some real life African adventure stories for your enjoyment; it will be a fun exercise for me to recall them.

I will provide you with 4 different investment choices a month; from the topic/subject list below. During my 17 years in Africa I have a variety of boots on the ground experiences in many precious minerals, metals and gemstones to share with you. One of my senior Stock Broker friends who knows my real life Indiana Jones like story of exploring & adventures, suggested I write a book on these travels. I’m not a writer; nor a professional newsletter guru, so pardon the grammar mistakes you will notice on occasion. Comments emailed to me on my website or personal email: are always welcome.

I don’t go to mining conventions or watch television much especially the investment babble that’s out there. I’m old school, I read a lot, first in libraries with actual books and yes there were books once to research from prior to the computer internet revolution. I actually feel a bit sorry for this younger generation not having that life experience or do mathematics by hand instead of with their cell phone?  What will we catch in the “Ocean of Gold”? 

the gold net

The Topic & Subject list for investment I will be writing about:

  1. Physical Gold Bullion (a great currency hedge for International companies, instead of offsetting the local currencies with just the USA dollar?). The dollar is coming down, in my opinion.
  2. Gold coins (I have several choices)
  3. Gold ETF’s
  4. Gold Royalty funds
  5. Gold Scrap (jewelry & electronics for the do it yourselfer looking for a small business in any country. I’ll show you where to sell it at the best price)
  6. Gold refineries (Where to sell your alluvial or scrap gold)
  7. Gold Specimen collecting (a great fun hobby to profit on, if you ever sell, I keep mine, it’s like art work, my boys will inherit mine)
  8. Mineral Specimen collecting (a great fun hobby)
  9. Silver stock (Highlighted choice of the best silver producer to profit on)
  10. Silver Bullion
  11. Silver coins (collecting)
  12. Silver ETF’s
  13. Silver Royalty funds
  14. Precious Metals, exotic metals & Rare earth mineral stock plays (Platinum, Palladium, Cobalt, Tungsten, Tin, Carbon (graphite-it not just for pencils anymore!), Rare earths-Tantalum/Niobium, lithium…….and more.)
  15. Mineral Specimen collecting (Where to get fantastic Malachite, Azurite & other unique specimens)
  16. Gemstones (Where to buy emeralds & aquamarine in Zambia…etc)
  17. Gemstone Specimen collecting
  18. Gemstone faceting (Where to get high quality work done inexpensively)
  19. FX Trading (Trading currency pairs: dollar/Euro and others)
  20. Commodity trading (Copper, Gold, Oil futures & how to set up a trading account for stocks & commodities if you don’t have one already?)

Get a variety of 4 different highlighted stocks & strategies per month. They are my grab bag of fun & interesting investment options for you to consider investing in after you do your own due diligence. I will occasionally have special market alerts from my technical charting analysis of these markets; you get this free for subscribing. Market conditions and opportunities are constantly in flux; they go up and down like a sine wave on a trig chart. Investors never seem to remember this?

They are emailed directly to you after signing up and payment made.

Cost of my monthly premium service “The Gold Net” is: $9/month

Payment options:

$27/3 months, $54/6 months, first month is free; just pay $18 or $45 1st time!

Or $99/yr, free month is deducted already

Introductory Lifetime membership till January 1, 2017: $495 

Bonus #1: How to get a free Visa debit card with NO ATM FEE CHARGES at any ATM in the world!

Super Bonus #2: Along with my 1st year low introductory offer price of $135 for my “Ocean of Gold” manual; a 50% discount until January 1, 2017, receive this; all my updates, edits and chart alerts as a bonus to the manual for subscribing to “The Gold Net”, the same service as sent to my Stockbroker & Institutional commercial accounts

While exploring in search of gold & other African treasures, I’ve met 44 chiefs over a 17 year period in these countries:

South Africa (Gold & diamonds), Zambia (Copper, gold, Rare earths, Tin, Tantalite & many others, gemstones and specimens), Congo (Gold, Copper, Cobalt, Carbon, Tin, and many other minerals & specimens, gemstones), Mozambique (Gold, timber, mineral specimens, gemstones), Zimbabwe (Gold & diamonds), Botswana (Gemstones & Gold), Namibia (Copper, Gold, gemstones, many gemstone & mineral specimens):



The Gold Master Africa – Gold Master Investing

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