Gold is breaking out...8yr montly chart1

Gold Master Investing Newsletter Launched Today

“Gold Investing Advice, Strategies & Analysis”

If you don’t have time, expertise or desire to produce gold from alluvial gold mining like my clients and partners do, then I’ve created this premium “Gold Master Investing Newsletter” section on my website specifically for you, to invest in the coming super gold bull run that in my opinion has already started over the last 4 months,  is in it’s infancy and just beginning.

The highlights of this premium service are:

  1. Gold investment advice, strategies and analysis of publicly traded gold mining companies listed on the major stock exchanges of the world currently producing gold, expanding their gold production and start up emerging 1st time gold producers; a favorite of ours with big exponential growth possibilities. They usually produce at a low cost (no big admin costs) and are lean, mean Au producing machines.
  1. And the special hybrid mining companies that produce gold and other valuable pay metals contained within the same ore matrix mined; such as Copper, Gold & Silver at the same time. These are rare & special opportunities; a big favorite class of miners I recommend and invest in. Super exponential growth possibilities can come from these emerging 1st time metal producers.

Note: A short story about an emerging metal producer:

I recommended this hybrid low cost metal producer prior to their 1st tonne of metal & gold produced, while they were building their refinery plant in 2001-2002. When I recommended it to family & friends, the share price was $0.50 each and listed on the Canadian TSX for easy purchase.  They were fortunate to catch the beginning of a metal bull market in their products. The stock ran up to $23.00/share, a 46 bagger (46 times our buy in cost per share) over the next 24 months, my best recommendation to date and still a favorite company of mine.

  1. Convenience: Make gold & precious metal investments with your cell smart phone, tablet or laptop, from any country in the world, 24 hrs a day. I’ll teach you how to do this simply and easily. And pass on an amazing free gift I use all over the world

Why buy gold investments now?

Here’s why; see my technical & fundamental analysis below:

My technical analysis: These three charts tell a big story developing:

S&P 500 Chart (8 yr-monthly prices):

S&P 500..8yr monthly chart1 - Copy

US Dollar Index monthly prices:

dollar chart1

Gold Chart 8yr-monthly prices:

Gold is breaking out...8yr montly chart1

Fundamental Analysis:

  1. Central Banks have been a net buyer of gold the last 23 quarters. They will keep buying more gold so they can create more debt with it. Banks love debt. Countries love it more. Banks & countries cannot print or make gold to manipulate its existence but have to buy it from someone to keep a minimum amount in their vaults for International banking rules & regulations, asset credibility and ancient customs of value.
  1. World debt is over 200 trillion dollars & growing, it’s not just the debt of the USA (19 trillion) but all the other countries combined
  1. The world loves debt and all people use it. I was sent 5 different credit cards a week while at University in 1974. The banks and countries want you hooked on debt to pay them back high interest rates to purchase: house, car, vacation……and many other things etc. I’ll teach you a wise use of debt, they don’t teach you in school. I have not had a bank home loan & mortgage since 1982 or a banking account since 1988.
  1. I don’t recommend buying gold because of what the doom & gloom gold newsletter (arm chair experts & guru) writers (many) say to scare people into buying gold as insurance to their proclaimed coming collapse of the world’s current monetary system. The system in place works well and is constantly improving, it is a great illusion of secured accounting codes.

 Banks & countries can’t print gold.

Buy your own gold printer: You see a gold metal producing mine is just one big gold printer.

They produce (print) gold from the ground by mining the ore, concentrating it, purifying it and then selling it; you can be a part owner of these Gold metal producers (printers) and profit with their expertise in gold producing. So buy and own a piece of your own low cost gold printer (gold miner) for super exponential growth during this next gold bull market.

Gold Bullion:

gold buillion



My gold newsletter information is coming from my boots on the ground experiences in Africa, my worldwide contacts, my own unique investigations and simple criteria that works for me personally. My family & friends, have been getting the benefits of my advice for years first and is always free to them. They have urged me to make this same information available to you, my subscribers and blog readers. So sign up; subscribe for free and receive  a special gift to be announced this week.

Stay tuned; as all my services will be detailed here in my blogs and this website. Gold investing is a never ending, fun and exciting story.


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  • Noel Sheppy

    Reply Reply May 23, 2016

    Hello, Matt ! I wish you well with this exciting venture. We worked together for three years on potential large-scale open-cast gold opportunities and alluvial gold and diamonds in Mozambique, before negative political developments and the international economic scene deteriorated. We both learned a lot from one another, and I believe we’ll again be able to take advantage of our knowledge and the excellent contacts we made there. I especially love your optimism and the technical skills you have to
    offer in alluvial project finding, assessment and operation. I’m confident that the very large IOCG copper-gold opportunity we worked up together in Zambia will attract a suitable investor soon. By now, you’ve learned how to operate in the DRC, where you’re confirming that many outstanding gold opportunities have not been adequately assessed and exploited. Noel Sheppy, consulting geologist.

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