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Gold Master Investing 111: The 4th Gold Key: “Money Methods Matter” for Trading My Gold Mining Stocks on TSX & NYSE

My Minnows caught in “The Gold Net”

from the “Ocean of Gold!


My General Firm Rules, Methods & Techniques (21-23):

 The 4th Gold Key: Money Methods Matter for Trading!

 21.0) – The 4th Gold Key-1: Your Trading Platform Account & Stockbroker;

21.1) this varies for everyone in the world: I have my preferred Stockbroker & their Trading Platform with many features I use; see my list & comments on each service:

 21.2) – General Comments: My Stockbroker is worldwide and financially very strong; is insured; has been in business over 30 yrs; has super flawless security and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

21.3) Customer Service: I consider it the best in the World; is available 24/7; if I lose my cell or need to call them from any country in the World they accept collect calls free of charge.

21.4) Visa ATM debit card: The card is free; all atm withdrawal fees are free and I can draw large amounts at qualified banks anywhere in the world.

21.5) Account records; can be mailed to any secure address you tell them or you can go paperless.

21.6) Trading platform & Charting program is robust; easy to learn and use. The most important feature I use is different timeframe charts.

21.7) Margin Account: Theirs is excellent for me! I will go over this next on how to use margin; my most valuable trade tool for optimizing trade profits; especially for MONTHLY INCOME!

21.8) Website layout: Is simple, straightforward and easy to use.

21.9) I have no personal bank accounts; I only use my Stockbroker account for all financial transactions & never get charged an overdraft check fee; never!

I highly recommend you ditch your bank accounts in favor of a good Stockbroker account! You’ll never look back. You don’t need a bank and their outrageous, continuous  fees!

22.0) – The 4th Gold Key-2: Your Capital for Trading

22.1) This varies for everyone in the world: See some common

Investor Trade types & their money for trading; all are hypothetical examples:

22.2) Trading Capital for Investment:

1.The University Student – ($1,200 to $3000 to trade with)

2.The Tech Internet Gamer – ($3,000-$15,000),

3. The new Novice – ($15,000-$30,000)

4.The intermediate Stock Investor – ($30-$60,000)

5.The seasoned & serious Stock Investor – ($60 -$300,000 plus)

6. The Pro-($300-$600,000 plus)

7. The big boys – ($600,000 – 5 million plus)

8. The Institutions & Commercials – (5 million plus)

9. The Stock Guru/Armchair Experts,

Analysts & Newsletter writers – ($100-$900,000 or more)

All these different Investor types can trade any of my 5 different classes; (Killer Whales, Sharks, Goldfish, Minnows and Starfish); as each have their own techniques and preferences.

I have given many examples of my own preferred timeframe and time period choices; I use for trading!

My definition of Trading: Any timeframe from 1 minute (short trade) to 50 years (long term); My Mentor held Boeing, Occidental Petroleum (Armand Hammer) and 20 others like them for 60 yrs thru all stock splits & dividend increases: this gave him $887,000/month dividend income until his passing at age 93 years old.

 23.0) – The 4th Gold Key-3: How to trade your money for maximum capital gain profits & monthly income at the same time; the Gold Master Investing way:

Build your Trade Base Foundation 1st; your own Private-personal equity fund; How?; here’s how:

23.1) – Margin Leverage:

Use it wisely, correctly and effectively. What is margin; simply put; a line of credit, a loan from your Stockbroker Company. The collateral for this is your marginable stocks held by them in trust for you.

In the “Ocean of Gold-2016” manual I have my 15 Top Gold Miner stocks capable of:

– Double digit returns/year: (10% –  99%/year)

– Triple digit returns/year: (100% & more/year); several of my stocks have already become 2 & 3 baggers – (100% & 200% returns) in the past 6 months! How’s that for appreciation? They will again as Gold moves up!

I have a reason for  5 different classes; (Killer Whales, Sharks, Goldfish, Minnows and Starfish); which has not been made public until now; it is that 8 of the 15 are listed on the NYSE and are marginable by my broker (all brokers have different standards).

My (Minnows & Goldfish) are not marginable but are very tradable for monthly income & multi-bagger capital gain growth.

Take all your money dedicated for investing; The GoldMaster Way; in my GOLD MINING STOCK COMPANIES; which may be ($3000, $5000, $10,000, $15,000, $30,000, $60,000, $120,000, $300,000 OR MORE?) and buy 4 to 6 of my: (Killer Whales, Sharks & Starfish: NYSE listed companies). This gives you a Trade Base Foundation that will potentially have super growth over the next 12-24 months as the Gold Bull Run market develops!

Trade the (Minnows)on Margin; as a super trading tool; off the value of your Trade Base Foundation as it grows!

My Broker Margin Rules:

1. They give me up to 70% of my NYSE Stock values:

(My Trade Base Foundation); Example: ($300,000 x 70% = $210,000); I can use this at anytime without asking for a loan!

2. Cost is no more than 8%/year; calculated on a daily basis for time used (in my trading) and payable at end of month.

Example: Say I trade a (Minnow); Buy in: (40,000 shares @ $0.50/share= $20,000 on my margin for a 15 day trade; my margin cost is: $20,000 x 15 days/365 x 8% = $65.75. This is margin leverage; I use up to 30% for various (Minnow) trades!

My profit on the 15 day trade with a 10 cent move is: 40,000 shares x $0.10 = $4000/in 15 days.

I recommend if you have the trade capital to have 3-4 of these trades moving monthly for serious monthly income; and you also get to watch your Trade Base Foundation investment grow made from my: (Killer Whales, Sharks & Starfish)!)

A Gold Master Investing Rule: Trade the Minnows on margin; always! Never use cash! Cash is always available to you from your Trade Base Foundation margin account!  

23.2) – Money Leverage:

Market Cap:


Is just all outstanding shares times share price. Example: (100 million shares x 20 cents/share = 20 million usd market cap). This is a potential 20-30 bagger plus stock; Why?; Because it is already an 8 bagger since January, 2016 of this year!

See chart:

Lexam VG 2yr-weekly

You trade this one now by setting a Buy order in for $0.25/share. I would use my GMI 40/40 Trade Plan for this one. I would buy 40,000 shares at 25 cents = $10,000 and re-buy at 1st Support channel of 20-18cents: 40,000 shares @ 20 cents = $8000 if it fades which I’m expecting soon. Total investment: $18,000 for 80,000 shares at 22 cent average cost basis. This can go to $1.00 in the next 6 months; a gross sale of $80,000; a gross profit of $62,000 usd in 6 months. This is why we trade Minnows for Monthly Income!

This is a featured stock in: “The Gold Net” my monthly newsletter; you get these “Minnows” the 1st of each month; 12 per year; at $8/month; payable at $96/year

This Minnow started the year at 3 cents/share with a market cap of 290 million shares x 3 cents = 8 million usd. Now the market cap is 290 x 24 cents = 70 million usd. 70/8 = an 8 bagger! More to come; much more!

Killer Whale:

Example: (800 million shares x $20/share = 16 Billion usd market cap). In January, 2016 of this year the price of this stock was $9/share x 800 million shares = 7.2 Billion Market Cap. It has doubled since the start of the Gold Bull Run in January!

Which company above would you trade in? My answer is both! The big giant Killer Whale has doubled in less than 6 months; it will double again; you buy this for your Trade Base Foundation; to margin against for your margin account. Up to 70% of his share value is available to you for trading the Minnow above while it doubles again to over $40 in this Gold Bull Run. In the last Gold Bull Market in 2012; this stock traded above $50/share and had a Market Cap: Over 40 Billion usd and pays a dividend! It is in my “Ocean of Gold-2016” Manual for capital gains growth, the dividend and for building you a Trade Base Foundation for you to margin against (growing collateral!)

2. Stock Price: The 3 Sweet Spots to trade for monthly income

1. (10 to 50 cents!)- The leverage on stocks priced under 50 cents is incredible; see chart example above for 1 of 12 stocks I have in the “Gold Net” for this year!

2. (50 cents to 1 dollar)

Less leverage but still great  trades!

3. (1 dollar to 2 dollars!)-These are big Minnows about to transform into Goldfish and produce gold for the 1st time; very lucrative with multi-bagger potential & great possibilities!

23.3) – Share Leverage: (The most important trade factor!)

I’ve made my personal trade plans simple, effective and very profitable on the stocks I vet for trading; using my proprietary Fundamental & Technical Chart Analysis. There are just 4 techniques I use that are very successful on my trading picks:

1. GMI 1

2. GMI 1:1:2

3. GMI 3:3

4. GMI 40:40

My simple method: GMI 3:3

My example I will show today is for a University student with $3000 to invest for monthly pocket money, food & maybe some Dorm/Rent money. This Trade chart is from: “The Gold Net”:

Chart 10 yr-monthly:

Lexam VG 10yr-monthly

Now let’s zero in on it:

Lexam VG 2yr-weekly

GMI 3:3

1. Set buy order: 3000 shares @ $0.30/share

2. Cost is $900

3. If it takes off for the moon hang in there for a double or triple bagger; Take profits; your choice! If you sell at 60 cents you’ve just pocketed $900.

 4. 1st Support level: If it dips and pulls back to 20 cents as shown re-buy 3,000 shares @ 20 cents = $600

5. Total investment: $1,500 for 6,000 shares at 25 cent average.

 6.Hold steady until it hits 60 cents

 7. A paper profit of 35 cents x 6000 shares = $2,100

 8. Hold for more; this stock can easily go to $1.20-$1.5 this year!

Now do this again with the 1st stock above; the same way! You double your potential profit & halve your risk at the same time!

Buy at 25 cents; sell at your choice; double up at 18-15 support level if it fades?

Chart: 1 yr-daily:

luna growth gold daily chart

Now that is my simple way to trade.

GMI Note: All this is done after he gets a stock account with margin. He does these 2 trades on his margin account. I recommend him to invest the entire $3000 in 1 of my Killer Wales & my 1 Great White Shark 50/50; both also pay a dividend!

Learn how to invest by yourself with your own skills & my help! Why give your money to an ETF or Mutual fund and let someone dilute your returns and boast of 15%/yr returns? In this developing gold market that is peanuts!

Coming soon; my investing eBook titled:

“How to Trade TSX Penny/Dollar Gold Stocks for Monthly Income”

(My Minnows caught in the Ocean of Gold);

With my 4 Gold Keys to unlock: “The Gold Treasure Stock Box”.

A Gold Master Africa quote:

“If you can learn how to drive a car; you can learn how to trade the Gold Master Investing way!”

The Gold Master Africa – Gold Master Investing


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