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Gold Master Investing 110: Technical Analysis of Charts & Money Methods (3 of 3); Basics for: Trading the Penny/Dollar Gold Stock Minnows for monthly income

The powerful penny/usd stock gold exploring Minnow:minnow

Technical Analysis of Charts & Money Methods (3 of 3):

My General Firm Rules, Methods & Techniques (16-20):

My Simple Trade Rules for Monthly Income:

16. Breakout entry:

16.1) I set a Buy Order at 1-2 cents above the top of a spread channel range in any timeframe I choose to trade.

16.2) I set 3 to 4 (or more) buy order at once (Good till filled).  This allows me to trade on auto-pilot and manage my business with 1-2 hrs per week.

16.3) Length of trade & profit taken; my choice!

17.0 Support Levels:

17.1) If my stock pulls back (at least 10 cents or more) to a support level I’ve identified already; I double up my investment; example; (1000 shares + 1000 shares = 2000 shares)

17.2) I do this to: “INCREASE MY SHARE HOLDING AT A LOWER AVERAGE COST”; this is 5 cents on a 10 cent pullback dip.

17.3) If the stock continues to fall to a Rock Base Support level; “I double again”!

17.3) By doubling again at a Rock Support Base I receive 4 times my starting buy in share amount; (1000 shares + 1000 + 2000 = 4000 shares) at a substantial price discount range that can vary from: 5%-30% a share. My self rating

17.4) I rate my own starting trades with this simple methods:

17.41) – Buy in – Great Profit potential

17.42) – 1st Support – Greater Profit potential

17.43) – Rock Base – Greatest Profit potential

The best potential for the greatest profit is buying in twice more at the Rock Base Support levels! I consider this good Luck and the best of all possibilities!; Why?; I’ve written several blogs on the why; but here it is again:

18. Mr Market – (The Big Dog):

ALL MY: (Gold Mining Stock) choices are supported by Value Asset Gold Ore Deposits; our Golden safety net! I recommend investing in these Companies because it is a Value Investment with intrinsic value that Mr Market (the big dog) has dropped the ball on, forgotten about or ignored completely while feasting on; (Stocks, Bonds & Loose Money); the last 4 years on his party table.

He is finally starting to recognize the value of our Gold Mining Stocks; this awakening is from the developing Gold Bull Market (The sharp rise in Gold Price!) that started in January, 2016; a big jab in his rear end!

Keep in mind that all Gold Mining Stocks are sensitive to fluctuations of Gold Price; as this infant Gold Bull Run Market develops EXPECT oscillating, vibrating, yo-yo like gold prices while this gold base develops; I believe, over an 18-24 month period; in my opinion before the big Gold Bull Run breaks out to new highs the world has never seen before.

Mr Market is now euphoric, binging and drinking lots of booze (Stocks, Bonds, Loose Money from crazy loose monetary policies) before the inevitable worldwide recession or depression crash. Monetary historical events and occurrences over the past 120 years should be used as a tool for guidance not ignored for history to repeat itself; the folly & stupidity of people? See these 2 charts:

Chart 1: The Worldwide Wake up Call:

brexit wiki

Ironically it is these big worldwide events (Greece, Ireland & now Italy banks….etc) developing that is fantastic for Gold and us to profit on!

 Chart 2:

 The British Pound: a big Red Flag signal for the World!

pound chart

Alan Greenspan is now calling for a return to the Gold Standard! A brave, courageous thing to say publicly from an ex-Fed chairman! “Man o Man” would that create a stampede for Gold?; from all the countries in the World; the BRIC countries are way ahead of us in this regard!

19. Charts:

There is nothing better to learn from than actual charts. See these 4 examples of 1st & 2nd support level re-buys:

Chart: 2 yr-weekly:

Lexam VG 2yr-weekly

Chart: 6 month-daily:

pilot gold 6 month daily

This stock can fade downward for more profit potential?

Chart: 3 month-daily:

pilot gold 3 month daily

This looks to me like a potential double up or is it a possible triple dipper; with 2 major pullbacks already?

Chart: 6 month-monthly:

a integra 6 month daily

Are you getting the picture now on how I re-buy in at step channel spread Support levels and Rock Bases?

Technical Analysis of the charts is where the money is made trading any timeframe where an opportunity is found!

I will repeat and say this often; remember we are fleas drawing blood (Profits) from the big dog’s back (Mr Market) and him finally recognizing the value of our Gold Mining Stocks; this awakening is from the developing Gold Bull Market that started in January, 2016.

To become a Gold Master Investor; you must first become a Flea!

19.0 Money Methods Matter for Monthly Income:

19.1) My 4 Keys to the Gold Treasure Stock Box on the TSX are:

1. My Top Choice – Gold Mining Stocks with unrecognized Value Assets of high Gold Content Ore deposits. Our Golden Safety Net! You find these in my: “Ocean of Gold” manuals & in my newsletter: “The Gold Net”

2. Timeframes

3. Buy & Support levels

4. Money Methods Matter!

In the last 10 chapters/blogs on Trading for Monthly Income; I have never mentioned 2 of my proprietary methods:

1. Money Methods, Strategies & Techniques for Trading

There is a reason for this; they only apply to my stock choices; they are variable for my 5 different classes; (Killer Whales, Sharks, Goldfish, Minnows and Starfish); they are different for every class of Investor in the World; from the University Student with $1,200 to trade, the Tech Internet Gamer Crowd-($5-$10,000), the new novice-($10-$15,000), the seasoned stock Investor-($15-$50,000), the Pro-($50-$500,000), the big boys-($500,000-5 million), the Institutions-( 5 million plus) and then even for the Stock Guru/Armchair Experts, Analysts & Newsletter writers.

Money Methods, Strategies & Techniques for Trading with full details & options will be fully disclosed in my new Investment Manual titled:

“How to Trade TSX Penny/Dollar Gold Stocks for Monthly Income”

(My Minnows caught in the Ocean of Gold)

Stay tuned for public release date coming soon!

2. How I choose my Gold producer mining stocks for my Ocean of Gold Manuals & for: “The Gold Net”!

(This will NEVER be made public; as 40 yrs of my Intellectual Property & Applied Experiences are going to my son; GoldMaster #2 and my Grandson: GoldMaster #3 to carry my legacy to them forward. And to my oldest son; who helps me in other areas; my trading secrets go to him for his benefit too.

A GoldMasterAfrica Life quote:

“If you have Intellectual Property & Applied Experiences in a Niche, Rich Field (brain surgeon) or Market (gold mining-investing); that makes you invaluable to someone!”

The Gold Master Africa – Gold Master Investing


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