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Gold Master Investing 109: Technical Analysis of Charts (2 of 3); Basics for Beginners: Trade the Penny/usd Gold Stock Minnows for monthly income

The powerful penny/usd stock gold exploring Minnow:


Technical Analysis of Charts (2 of 3); Basics for Beginners:

 My General Firm Rules, Methods & Techniques (12-15):

12.Question for you? What do you do when your trade set-up fills; you own the stock; it moves up a few cents and you’re patting yourself on the back! Then unexpectedly without warning the stock wavers, stalls, dips, fades and then drops like a rock; you become disheartened and sick to your stomach. What do you do next? I’ll tell you; we turn this lemon event into lemonade for sweeter profits! It is not a loss; it is a blessing, a buying opportunity. Here’s my method for more income;

12. Support Levels:

You let it fall; you let it keep falling until it hits a support level that I identified and showed you in chapter 108.

 You will see many more examples of this in this chapter 109 and in all the charts I provide in: “The Gold Net”; my monthly premium newsletter. That’s 5 charts per company times 12 companies per year equals 60 chart choices for you to consider trading.

 Every trading stock has Support Levels in all timeframes/time periods! However they all have different strengths depending on the time period; meaning a 5 minute support level is much weaker than a 15 minute support level; which is much weaker than a 1 hour time period; which is much weaker than a 2 or 4 hr time period and so forth. Do you get my point?

 The strongest support levels are what I call: “The Rock Support Base”; they are made from daily, weekly and monthly time periods. When a stock starts falling like a rock and hits a Rock Base we double our position on our Gold Mining Stock which is supported by our Value Asset Gold Ore deposit; our Golden safety net! We have invested in this company because it is a Value Investment with intrinsic value that Mr Market (the big dog) has not recognized yet!

14. Buy Levels (Breakout entry):

I set a Buy Order at 1-2 cents above the top of a spread channel range (my “Wave of Motion” analogy) in any timeframe I choose to trade; based on recognizing the trade profit potential. And if I see the movement; I will often just buy at a market order to not miss the move. In fact I can make a case that you can buy anywhere in the spread channel range for a profit but can be subjected to painful waiting periods. It is much better; in my opinion and experience to have 3 or 4 buy orders in place that allows you to trade on autopilot; than to get stuck in a channel.

15. Charts:

There is nothing better to learn on than actual charts. See these examples of 3 “Minnows” in “The Gold Net”:

Chart: 10yr-monthly:

Lexam VG 10yr-monthly

When you look at monthly charts like this one and go back 10 years; it’s like a road map in reverse; you see where you’ve been and where you can possibly go to again? As we zoom in; the next chart is very revealing; this stock is already a 4 + bagger this year!

Chart: 2 yr-weekly:

Lexam VG 2yr-weekly

Starting in February this stock took off; like it did in 2010; will it repeat again in this developing Gold Bull Run?; I surmise it can go more. It is a featured stock in my: “The Gold Net” monthly newsletter; 1 of 12 given to you on the 1st of each month to trade for monthly income.

Chart: 6 month-weekly:

Lexam VG 6month-weekly

It’s about ready to break out of this step channel; Set Buy at

30 cents.

Here is another example of a trading Minnow from: “The Gold Net”; you can easily trade this for the next 24 months or more:

Chart: 6 month-daily:

a  integra 6 month daily

aa integra 3 month daily

A possible triple buy in here with 1 major pullback back to 72 c?

Chart: 1 month-2hr:

 aaaa integra 1 month 2 hr

 Are you getting the picture now on how I buy in at step channel spread price ranges?

 Here’s 3 more chart examples of another trading “Minnow” in my “Gold Net” monthly newsletter:

 Chart: 6 month-daily:

pilot gold 6 month daily

This looks to me like a possible double up?

  Chart: 3 month-daily:

pilot gold 3 month daily


This has double up potential for making more money than a single entry?

This is a day trade chart for the Gamer-Tech crowd who can make money in 1, 2 & 3 day hyper trading! It’s great for them as they can play it as a real life game; trading 5, 10, 15, 30 & 1 hour chart time periods; not for the feint of heart! See chart:

Chart: 1 day-15 minutes:

pilot gold  1 day 15 minutes

A day trader loves doing this; his profit is a function of what risk capital he puts in for the trade?

I will say this often; remember we are fleas drawing blood (Profits) from the big dog’s back (Mr Market) and him finally recognizing the value of our Gold Mining Stocks; this awakening is from the developing Gold Bull Market that started in January, 2016.

Technical Analysis of the charts is where the money is made trading any timeframe where an opportunity is found!

The 3 stock charts featured here are from: “The Gold Net”; they have great potential for trading profits on many timeframes as shown!

I give strategies, methods & techniques on all timeframes within my monthly newsletter: “The Gold Net” plus one exclusive top pick “Minnow” is emailed to you the 1st week of each month; 12 Trade stocks/per year meeting my strict fundamental & technical chart criteria. 

That’s 12 Top “Minnow” picks/year for a subscription price of just $8/month or $96/year. $8 is the cost of an entry buy-in on any stock you trade; a super bargain for 27 pennies a day. 

A GoldMasterAfrica Life quote:

“Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance”

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