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Gold Master Investing 108: Technical Analysis of Charts (1 of 3); Basics for Beginners: Trade the Penny/usd Gold Stock Minnows for monthly income

The powerful penny/usd stock gold exploring Minnow: minnow

Technical Analysis of Charts (1 of 3); Basics for Beginners:

 My General Firm Rules, Methods & Techniques:

1.Technical Analysis of the charts is where the money is made trading any timeframe where an opportunity is found!

2. I don’t use sell or stop loss orders. We are always bias long as the Gold Value Asset (The high quality Gold Ore deposit) is our golden safety net that supports the value of the company stock.

I provide these stocks for you in my Manuals & monthly newsletter: “The Gold Net”; 12 per year; the 1st of each month with 5 different chart timeframe example choices to trade from.

3. My definition of a Trade: Any Stock bought and held for 1 minute to 50 years is a trade! Opportunities exist & present themselves within all timeframes; the key is learning how to recognize them!

4. I always start first with the Monthly, Weekly and Daily charts; looking them over closely; before I zoom down into the other timeframes.

5. Channel spread trade ranges occur in all timeframes; from months to minutes.

6.See various choices I may use after analyzing the Monthly, Weekly & Daily charts for trade opportunities:

Various Choices:

1.) 40, 20, 15 & 10 day-2 & 4 hour Candlesticks

2.)30, 15, 10, 5 & 3 day-60 minute Candlesticks

3.) 15, 10, 5, 3, 2 & 1 day-30 minute Candlesticks

4.) 10, 5, 3, 2 & 1 day – 15 min, 10 min, 5 min & 1 minute:

(HLOC Price): Candlesticks

 Note: Candlesticks (green/red) give you a quick & easy read on price movements (HLOC) on any & all time periods you use.

7. From here I look closer at the intraday trading timeframes for Breakout Entry Points from the various channel formations (trade set-ups).

8. We typically always enter at the top of the channel spread for the big moves to the next step; I set my buy entry orders 1-2 cents above the obvious channel. In essence you could enter any where within the channel or at the support base if you can catch it? This however leaves you subject to time waiting and you’re caught in the “Wave of Motion!

9. When we catch the wave at the top of the spread channel it can swell into a tidal wave with fantastic 1 -3 day moves!

10. You must be fearless and ferocious like a flea on the big dog’s back (Mr Market). We draw blood (Profits) in all timeframes and he doesn’t feel a thing! Remember what I told you before?; you are a flea; get used to it!

11. After all this; I then make a decision and buy at market or set a buy order to fill; then onto the next (Minnow) trade.

Question for you? What do you do when your trade set-up fills; you own the stock; it moves up a few cents and you’re patting yourself on the back! Then unexpectedly bang the wave drops; it dips; it fades and drops like a rock; you become red faced. What do you do?

I’ll tell you in the next chapter what to do when a Rock hits a Rock; (“How to make Lemonade out of Lemons that are sweeter than when you started!”

Now I will show you 6 different timeframe charts with opportunities to make monthly income from the same stock.

See these Minnow trade chart examples:

Chart: 2 yr-Month:

first mining finance 2yr monthly

Chart: 2 yr-weekly:

first mining finance 2 yr weekly

Chart: 4 month-daily

first Mining finance 4 month dasily

The Breakout Buy entry here is $1.20 which then becomes the new support level. See next timeframe:

Chart: 2 weeks-1 hr:

first mining finance 2 weeks 1 hour

This is a set up for a Buy order at $1.10 & $1.20 for the entry point (Good till Filled).

Stay into the trade for as long as you like 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 days; 2, 3, 4, 6 months or 1-2 years depends on your timeframe choices?

If it dip & fades to the 1st support level; double the positions; if it dips to the 2nd very strong support level (the rock); double the position again as these are buying opportunities!

We are Value Investing; these companies are undervalued and overlooked by Mr Market (the big dog)! Our edge is that they have a golden safety net (A quality Gold Ore deposit) which is the basis for us owning it for capital gain growth and trading the step channels! This happens when Mr Market wakes up and starts to see the value!

See these charts for more examples:

Chart: 3 day-15 minutes:

First mining Fiinance 3 day 15 minute

More trade opportunities on a 3 day-15 minute chart; enter at $1.08 and then again at: $1.18 for monthly income.

First mining Fiinance 1 day...5 minuteChart: 1 day-5 minutes:

I will say this often; Remember we are fleas drawing blood (Profits) from the big dog’s back (Mr Market) and him finally recognizing the value of our Gold Mining Stocks; this awakening is from the developing Gold Bull Market that started in January, 2016.

I give strategies, methods & techniques on all timeframes within my monthly newsletter: “The Gold Net” plus one exclusive top pick Minnow is emailed to you the 1st week of each month; 12 Trade stocks/per year meeting my strict fundamental & technical chart criteria.   

That’s 12 Top Minnow picks/year for a subscription price of just $8/month or $96/year. $8 is the cost of an entry buy-in on any stock you trade; a super bargain for 27 pennies a day.  

The stock charts featured here are from: “The Gold Net” and is a great trade for profit on many timeframes!

A GoldMasterAfrica quote:

“As a trader we are all fleas on the big dogs back (Mr Market); get used to it; you are a flea!”

 The Gold Master Africa – Gold Master Investing


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