red eagle 3 month chart...0.30 to 0.60 a share

Gold Master Investing 106: Daily & Intraday Charts (2 of 3); Basics for Beginners: Trade the Penny/usd Gold Stock Minnows for monthly income

The powerful penny/dollar stock gold exploring Minnow:


Daily & Intraday Charts; Basics for Beginners

 I’m going to give you more of my Chart basics here; 2 very important different time frames I use for my Gold Master Investing and the reasons I use them. They are:

1. Daily



1.Daily Charts:

1 yr, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, 14 days & 7 days

(HLOC Price): Candlesticks

The monthly charts and weekly charts give you a view; from the height of an airplane; a perspective of the Wave of Motion on the “Oceans of Gold. Now we need to jump from the airplane into a Helicopter and slowly come down to the surface of the water by observing the daily & Intraday charts to determine 1st;

  1. Where is the most price action? You want volatility.
  2. In what timeframe? I like 5-10 days that can extend to 10-20 trade days (1-4 weeks).
  3. What timeframe do I want to trade; being time conscience like me?
  4. What are your Net Profit goals during each timeframe you decide to trade for each company? $50/week, $100/week, $500/week, $1000/week, $2000/week….any amount?
  5. This is all a function of price spread & Trade share lots you have in play in any timeframe.
  6. See examples of some of my trading timeframes I use or have used depending on the above factors:

Monthly: 10-20 business days

Bi-weekly: 5-10 business days

Weekly; 3-5 business days

Daily; 1-2 days

Intraday: 1, 2, 5,15,30,60 min


See this example; Minnow Trade Chart:

red eagle 3 month chart...0.30 to 0.60 a share

This stock can be traded for the next 3 yrs as the different trading channels develop and you get a bonus capital gain in the rising channel; the best of both worlds for a trader of Penny gold mining stocks. This rising trade channel is the result of this Minnow about to become a Goldfish and produce its 1st gold pour. This stock can become a 10 bagger so I would play it both ways at once (Advanced Buy & Hold and Trading together!).

 A super stock to be in for both Monthly income & big multiple capital gains in 24-36 months; more about this in Advanced trading techniques by The Gold Master Africa-Gold Master Investing. All these timeframes have their own nuances and must be learned by you by actually trading them live.


This is an important point on daily & intraday charts.

You always start from the top down; zoom in on the daily charts (various lengths); then scroll down going through all the timeframes; it will enlighten you with various options and opportunities.

Remember we are fleas drawing blood (Profits) from the big dog’s back (The Minnow Market) from our preferred choice of trading timeframes. I don’t trade the intraday minute charts anymore (1, 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes….etc) as it’s to time consuming for me; I take a much longer view and manage my business in 1-2 hrs/week.

I give strategies, methods & techniques on all timeframes within my monthly newsletter: “The Gold Net” plus one exclusive top pick Minnow is emailed you the 1st week of each month meeting my strict fundamental criteria and the reasons why I’ve chosen it. That’s 12 Top Minnow picks/year for a subscription price of just $9/month or $99/year. $9 is the cost of an entry buy on any stock you trade in, a super bargain for pennies a day (30 cents/day) for 1-Penny gold explore stock a month trade to make a monthly income with.


2.Intraday Charts:

15 days-4 hr, (10, 5 & 3days-60 min), (3, 2 & 1 day-30 min) & (1 day- 15 min, 10, 5 & 1 minute):

(HLOC Price): Candlesticks

More on Intraday Charts later; these are more advanced charts and also have more advance trading techniques; see in next post; Basics for Beginners: Charts-3 Intraday Timeframes!

A GoldMasterAfrica quote:

“Any thing is accomplishable with a burning desire, a positive mental attitude and unwavering perseverance!”


The Gold Master Africa – Gold Master Investing


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