b42..FirstMiningMineralFinance ya 1yr day chart

Gold Master Investing 105: Monthly & Weekly Charts (1 of 3); Basics for Beginners: Trade the Penny/dollar Gold Stock Minnows for monthly income

The powerful penny/dollar stock gold exploring Minnow:


Monthly & Weekly Charts; Basics for Beginners

I’m going to give you my Chart basics here; go over 2 important different time frames I use as the foundation for my Gold Master Investing and the reason I use them.

 They are:

1. Monthly



Monthly Charts:

10yr Monthly (HLOC Price): Candlesticks

 The monthly chart is invaluable to me. Why because it gives me so much valuable information on the gold companies I’m considering; especially a company’s price history in comparison; to my always available 10yr monthly Gold Chart (which I’ve highlighted in several of my blog posts!). And I put it on the cover of my “Ocean of Gold Manual”; have a first look here:

OoGManual cover jpg for blog 42Can you guess why I use a minimum 10yr chart? Here’s why; the last Gold Bull Run broke out of it’s 2008-2009 monthly trading channel (ave. range: $800-$950/oz) in May of 2009 at around $900/$950/oz. climbing methodically over the next 2-3 yrs to it’s peak gold.

Gold channeled at the top (ave. range: $1700/oz) for 18 months before it’s 3 yr fall to January of 2016; the start of the Bull Run breakout; we are witnessing it now over the  past 7 months. In my opinion the start of a major, huge Gold Bull Run, that will take time to build (18-24 months) and then climb to heights we’ve never seen before, that can last another 3-5 yrs at the top? That’s my prediction for the future of this Gold Bull Run. Mark your calendars & save this prediction/opinion to see how close I come by reading my Crystal Ball (Monthly Charts)?

I compare the price action (history) of the gold company to the monthly gold prices.

Note: An important point on charts. You always start with the Monthly charts; on any market, usd index, S&P 500 & Gold and on all the gold mining stocks; why? Because it shows you this:

1.the direction, the big picture, the big ocean (we ride the lifeboat in the Ocean’s current), the big dog (we are fleas riding on the big dogs back; taking blood (profits) in different timeframes here and there; he doesn’t feel a thing (the market); we feast while he runs; you are a flea; get used to it!

2. In your mind; create this picture; all Charts are part of one big Microscope (like the one you used in Chemistry or Biology class in High School). You can zoom in or out; the Monthly charts are when you’re zoomed way out; to see the big picture (the 10yr); now let’s zoom in a bit with a Monthly 6yr chart to see the Market’s direction better; see this chart:

aa1Brexit Au b37 monthly ..24.06.16 - Copy

The direction, movements and vibrations of monthly price action gives you; (the high, the low, open & close-HLOC) within the chart and tells you so much. It is the big “Wave of Motion” over years of time; it’s getting clearer now for you; do you see it?

 Let’s now zoom in the Microscope closer with the weekly charts.


 2.Weekly Charts:

5yr, 2yr & 1 yr Weekly, 6 months, 3 months…etc

(HLOC Price): Candlesticks

It’s going to get clearer now for you; I’ll show you more direction and detail; see these charts:

FirstMiningMineral ban chart

Not much to see yet or do you see it like I do?

This is a penny/dollar stock gold explorer with 10 Moz of secured gold ore deposit assets by acquisitions; a featured Minnow (a top pick) of mine; in my “Ocean of Gold Manual” for you to trade?

b422FirstMiningMineral ban chart


Do you see what I see? It took me 1 minute to analyze the chart and another 1-2 hr to do my fundamental research to qualify this Minnow for my strict trading criteria.


 Now take the Microscope and zoom in closer on this Top pick Minnow; see the last 6 month to June 17, 2016, the current price:

b42..FirstMiningMineralFinance ya 1yr day chart

This is an excellent trading penny/dollar stock gold Minnow, a top pick of mine and these channels will repeat over & over again on this stock. This will add to your monthly income.

As you keep zooming the Microscope in from a Monthly to a Weekly to a Daily to an hourly to 30 minutes to 15 minutes to 5 minutes and even 1 minute depending on what timeframes YOU CHOOSE TO TRADE; the picture of the “Wave of Motion” becomes crystal clear!

 More in my next post on Charting basics!


A GoldMasterAfrica quote:

“In each one of us there is a great spirit, just don’t let the minds of man get in the way!”


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