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Gold Master Investing 104: Trade the TSX penny/dollar gold mining stock (Minnows); 1-2hours/week on Laptop or Cell; My methods from anywhere; Trade for monthly income

The powerful (+-50 cents) – $5 stock gold exploring Minnow: minnow

Here are some basic Procedures and Methods; for you to consider; to achieve a monthly income; from trading my Gold Minnows on the TSX: These Gold Mining stocks of mine range in price from Under 50 cents to over $5/share and unlike a typical penny stock, actually have a huge gold ore deposit asset that is a value play to safely trade the company. This is what sets my Trade for Monthly (My Minnows) Income apart from the crowd. It’s a trade with the next potential gold mine as the asset backing you up, especially in this rising gold bull market.

1st: Find a quiet area in you house that can be dedicated to just your trading; a small bedroom, study or small area in your living room. I use a 3’ x 5’ (2’ x 4’ will work also) open table so I can move easily under it with my chair.

2nd: It should be quiet, cool & shaded so you’re not distracted when you’re on the screen or doing chart analysis. 

3rd: Equipment I use:

3.1: A 16” Laptop with a large 2nd Monitor (24” flat screen). Any computer with internet access to an online stockbroker will work fine. Your stockbroker should have access to all the large International exchanges and have an Interactive stock charting program for the TSX stocks. This is all you need:

2 monit


This also a nice set up with 3 Monitors:

3 monitor

You don’t need this; information overload:

 trade station 1

3.2: A thick notebook I use as a diary where I date and save all notes, ideas and investment ideas for the Penny Gold mining trades; my scratch pad for ideas.

3.3: Everything else I do is stored in folders in my laptop. And when I’m out and about, I check my trades with my cell phone or exit with a market sell order.

3.4 I run 6 charts with different timeframes for each penny stock trade, sometimes I have up to 4 trades going at once. I can monitor my trades at anytime on my cell but usually I spend 1-2 hrs a week on 1-4 trades I may be in. I’ve made my trading easy by trading the longer time frames with outcomes happening in 1-4 weeks from my buy in to exit sale.

3.5: If you have the desire, time, and willingness to learn this approach; it’s possible to become quite successful at trading the Penny Gold mining stocks; I will give you in my monthly newsletter “The Gold Net”; using my base strict criteria.

As usual the variations in the psychology of the human mind can throw sand into the gears of just about anything; so results will be up to you as you learn the ropes. I’m not responsible for your Profits or Losses and neither was you University Professor who taught you in school.

I will have special information on how you can intraday & day trade time frames of; (5min, 15min, 30min & 60 min) and daily, weekly and monthly timeframes; all spelled out in much greater detail from my Technical Chart Analysis for different timeframes within my newsletter “The Gold Net” and more on this next week in my blog posts.

As you become familiar with my techniques from trial & error, experiences of profit and loss; my goal is to make you a Gold Master Investor.

I must point out that 90% of the battle this first year is over for you; why; because I’m giving you my recommended choices to trade (12/yr) and for you to learn how to do your own due diligence on these gold Minnows on the TSX; so start trading them for income; it’s the only way to learn; that’s by doing it! 

I must repeat here to be perfectly clear; this is NOT (a BUY & HOLD strategy); it is a trading strategy for monthly income in various timeframes for the Minnows on the TSX with a very large golden safety net of ASSET VALUE (not EPS) underneath the company that protects you in virtually all timeframes!

The Minnows keep defining the gold ore deposit (example: 1 Moz x $1200/oz = 1.2 billion usd of gold in the ground; to be pulled out by somebody?); the asset increases in value, drill hole data is promoted in the news and this creates the; Wave of Motion (trading channels) in all timeframes you choose to trade in.

I like to trade time periods of: 3-5 business days (1 week), 5-10 business days (2 weeks), 2-4 weeks (1 month) as I only have to spend 1-2 hrs a week monitoring my progress and is a great timesaver for me. You can also check your trades on your cell phone 24hrs/day.

This is unlike day trading that swallows all your time and is for the young Gen-ex crowd who operate on hyper drive; the internet Gamers will find the action here better than these silly games they spend all their time on; it is better than any internet game; lots of action; can provide them a good income; if they find me on this website and learn the techniques from me? 

For stock growth, double & triple digit per year capital gains; over the next 24-48 months in this starting Gold Bull market; that strategy is for my top 3 choices of each class in the “Ocean of Gold Manual” of these class/types; Killer Whales, Sharks, Goldfish & Starfish!

More next week!

A GoldMasterAfrica quote:

“There are no failures in this journey of life; only experiences to learn from and improve yourself on; enjoy the bitter/sweet flavor of this beautiful journey that God has given us!”

The Gold Master Africa – Gold Master Investing


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