Gold Master Investing 103: Trading the TSX penny/dollar Gold Explorer Stock Minnows; Some Sweet Spots for monthly income!


Sweet Spots;

So here are a few sweet spots for trading the penny/dollar stock gold Minnows on the TSX for monthly income;

 1st: I find a Minnow with one (advanced) or more great potential gold assets; open pit or underground with Qualified Person’s (QP)Technical Reports headed for finance. An emerging Goldfish that is a Minnow that is about to break out & has financial Backers in place; to build their gold mine; can be the ideal trading situation.

 2nd: Trade the Wave of Motion high/low channel in multiple time frames and have multiple gold Minnows (I prefer 1-4 companies) in trading play at my entry buy price.

 3rd: Outstanding shares;

3.1: 10-50 million

3.2: 50-100 million

3.3: 100-150 million

3.4: 150-200 million

3.5: 200-300 million

These are not set in granite but give me a quick snapshot of a company when I’m researching my trade choices; it is  part of other factors to put my gold investing jigsaw formula together. You will learn all this in “The Gold Net”


4th: Low Cap (Outstanding shares x Price)

4.1: Under 100 million usd

4.2:100-200 million usd

4.3: 200-300 million usd

4.4: 300-500 million usd

The order of the list is from very best, best, good & fair as shown.


5th: Stock Price

5.1: Under $0.50/share

5.2: Under $1.00/share

5.3: Under $2.00/share

5.4: Under $5.00/share

Easier to make a 5-10% trade profit on a 50 cent or less share price in a shorter timeframe than on a $5/ share price. Unlike live gold production leverage at producing mines; the leverage here is on low price, high share turnover/day, your size trade lots of 5000, 10000, 20,000 & 40,000 shares and if market doesn’t know or recognize  it has a 1-6Moz gold ore asset with a market cap of under 200 million usd, that’s super leverage for future trading & gain. ( I have one of these in Australia to trade as we speak).


6th: Trade volume/day (turnover of shares)

6.1 The big key-(The higher the better with nuances)

6.2 Stay away from companies with low trade volume/day; I do; even if it has good gold assets & management


A GoldMasterAfrica quote (from my mentor in 1982):

“Have a Proper Action Plan; if you fail to Plan properly; Plan for a proper failure!”


The Gold Master Africa – Gold Master Investing


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