Auburn ravine sluice 49er

Alluvial Gold Capture Systems

Auburn ravine sluice 49er

This is always a hot subject and much debated in the gold world. Commercial gold equipment suppliers, gold mining producers, seasoned prospectors, hobbyist and arm chair experts have a tendency to claim their systems are the best. In a way they’re all correct and possibly all incorrect to a degree, too. We all learn by doing and improving.

It all boils down to this: What works best for you is the best system for you based on your working experience with the soil material types and gold types you’re extracting and capturing. I consult and advise clients (all levels of gold experience) who have problems losing gold, want better live production capacity or want a larger placer mining operation in Africa or other countries.

Proving yourself right or wrong on this subject is a waste of time for me. Trial and error observations, trying different methods & techniques, experimenting yourself and constantly checking and testing the end of the box are not. Nothing is perfect so the journey is never ending; checking the efficiency of your gold capture systems if unknown to you is easily learned. In the end you judge yourself.

A few common gold capture systems:

Hungarian riffles (many sizes & shapes of metal, aluminum, rubber…etc)

sluice box H riffle plastic sluice eldorado

2. Raised expanded metal grids (different sizes and shapes, metal or plastic) placed over various mats of: carpet, nomad or miner’s moss, rubber….etc):

expanded metal riffle expanded metal riffle2 ove rubber rubber mats4

3. Rubber mats: V-groove or different riffle designs:

rubber riffle rubber mat3 rubber mats1 rubber mat2

4. Drop riffles: plastic or aluminum:

bedliner plastic drop riffle aluminum drop riffle plastic drop riffle3

3. Drop ramp riffles: plastic, aluminum or mats

The famous Le Trap sluice:


The famous Angus Mackirk Sluice now manufactured by Broken Back Mining Supplies, Canada: A centerpiece flume insert within my GoldHarvester commercial production machines:

am sluice

I design and make my own drop ramp riffle inserts for various reasons (Their performance, time to build, material availability & cost). They are made with local country materials of: carpet, rubber & burlap from welcome or car mats, easy to find and cheap anywhere.

A Gold Master made drop ramp riffle set up; mats:

CIMG6313 CIMG6318 CIMG6673

Making the vortex creating grids with gold traps:

Photo3833 Photo3834 Photo3827

Photo3848 Photo3853

The vortex created by the drop height and adjustable ramp slopes concentrate the gold by back spinning it and creating low pressure zones where all sizes of gold are captured (trapped) in the grids or mats.

Also other obstacles built into the grids create low pressure aberrations in the water flow that drop the gold into the trapping properties of the different underlying mats. Burlap has wonderful trapping properties and is usually somewhere in my gold capture systems. Just like in a natural river where many different aberrations in the water flow occur my designs have many also.

So the bottom line is this, I build components within my flumes that use my mixtures of techniques and methods from local materials that work well for me. Some of the main components clean up in less than 2 minutes, others 10 to 15 minutes each.  More details on this in future posts.

We’ve come a long way from these days:

sluice 49er

A Gold Master quote: “Gettin Gold is Gettin Fun!”


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