Gemstone Capture Methods & Techniques for Mining Alluvial Gold & Gemstone River Basins

A big benefit for Artisan diggers & gold operators from China to Africa to South America!

This title discussion on Gemstone capturing is taken from the Contents page 2 of 46; How to build e-book manual: GoldHarvester 20T (2 flume design):



Contents: Plans & Specs inside include

1. Machine

1.1 Machine plan design (hopper & 2 flumes: 42c & 44c)

1.2 Fabrication steel sheet cut out template drawings – 2 of 2

1.3 Material list

1.4 Photos & assembly instructions


2. Water Spray Bar/Piping Systems

2.10 Design (2” Spray Bar)

2.11 Material list (2” Spray Bar)

2.21 Design (3” Dredge)

2.22 Material list (3” Dredge)

2.3 Photos & assembly instructions

2.4 Pump, Piping, Water Volume & Pressure advice


3.0 Grizzly Bar System

3.1 Design layout plan

3.2 Material list

3.3 Photos & assembly instructions


4.0 Damper/Scrubber System

4.1 Design

4.2 Material list

4.3 Photos & assembly instructions


5 Flow deflector & Crash Plate Systems

5.1 Design (ultra fine gold & gemstone capture)

5.2 Material list

5.3 Photos & assembly instructions


6.0 Gemstone capture methods, techniques & add on options

6.1 Design

6.2 Material list

6.3 Photos & assembly instructions



– Material cost (steel only) in any country is less than $300

– Capacity (up to 20t/hr) depending on soil type, feed method & crew expertise

– All GoldHarvester machines are mobile and collapsible into themselves for ease of transport in any car/truck. They are carried by foot, in pieces, to remote gold river sites, reassembled by hand with 24 bolts (10mm dia. x 30mm), lock washer & Wing Nut, NO TOOLS required in less than 10 minutes with 2 men.

And from pages 38 thru 45 of manual:

6.0 Gemstone capture methods, techniques & add on options

6.1 Design

The designs for capturing gemstones with a specific gravity (sg) greater than (2.7-3.0) works in conjunction with the flume box add on features of flow deflectors, crash plates and dampers with special drop riffle trap inserts.

These features create distortions in flow velocity & direction in at least 4 places when set up properly. The result is unique low pressure zones in the header (slick plate) section of the 2nd flume box (44c wide) that drops  ultra fine or flake gold and gemstones; for a brief moment in time flow velocity stops even under high volume water flow.

Two different actions are taking place here together in multiple locations within the 2nd header box (44c) from my unique designs for gemstone capturing. I call it the water fall and car crash effect based on my observations of river characteristics in nature and car crash accidents.

I have various designs and types of Flow Deflector & Crash Plate Systems to create these actions for dropping ultra fine gold & gemstones. In this e-book manual for sale on my website I highlight my flow deflector:

The Corner:





See some other flow deflector examples here;

The Wedge:



The Box:


The result is the ability to mine river alluvial gemstones anywhere in the world separately or at the same time while mining river alluvial gold. These systems are ideal for trapping Sapphires & Rubies-sg 4.0 and Diamonds-sg 3.52. And it will even catch the Beryl’s (Emerald, Aquamarine & Morganite-sg 2.7 – 2.9).

I go into this in extensive detail in my book series:

Alluvial Gold Mining Methods, Tips & Techniques:

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6.2 Material list

  1. All material for the Corner design is taken from the steel sheets and is already detailed above in 5. Flow Deflector & Crash Plate options
  2. Special flume box inserts (drop riffle traps) for gemstones capturing is available from me or my manufacturer by special order.

6.3 Photos & assembly instructions

  1. See all above; build & assemble unit as per this e-book.

General operating instructions:

  1. I operate my systems with the 2nd flume (44c) placed perpendicular (right angle) to the 1st flume (top) with a 5c -8c overlap to the top flume. The vertical separation is 2c-3 centimeters to top of 2nd flume for a total waterfall drop of 17c to 18 centimeters to header slick plate below.
  1. Dredge and hand feed at same time for maximum gold production.
  1. Use any Gold Capturing systems you like inserted in my flumes for gold. I however use various plastic drop ramp riffles, drop riffles, rubber and Coir mats (Coconut husks) for catching and trapping all fine, flat, flake gold & gemstones at the same time. I highlight Coir and Jute rope mats in my next blog for your enjoyment.
  1. Learn all my methods and techniques in my easy to follow e-book:

Book 5: Gemstone Capturing Methods & Techniques:

“Produce Gold & Gemstones from Africa’s super mineral belts in: Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Congo and Tanzania”.

I can state from my experiences in Africa, that this is the richest area in the world for all minerals. They have only scratched the surface here over the last 100 years!

Artisan alluvial gemstone mining photos:

dia all

dia all2

alluvial dia

GoldMasterAfrica quote:

“A GoldMasterAfrica exclusive; it is a done deal; catch gemstones, ultra fine, flat & flake gold in special traps with high water volume (60t/hour) gold production from dredging and hand feeding in any remote location of the world. No mining equipment needed or used, just water.”


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