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Gold Exploration Sr Geologist Extraordinaire

“My tribute to Noel Sheppy!” This Renaissance man became a Geologist by accident; some of his talents & bio data: 1.In his youth at High School & University he acted on stage, sang, danced & played musical instruments as good as anyone. Oh I forgot he became a class president & started a newspaper, as…

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the gold net2

Gold Master Investing Newsletter: “The Gold Net”

The Gold Net is my special premium monthly service to provide you with strategies, suggestions & recommended stock choices on a variety of precious metals, minerals & commodities, some I have personally traded & others I have seen. This idea comes from my “Ocean of Gold” manual; my analogy of Gold & Polymetal producers in the…

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killer whales

Gold Master Investing Manual: “The Ocean of Gold”

By casting the Gold Net from my “Ocean of Gold” manual we catch different categories of Gold Producers; My 5 main categories for gold investing: The Killer Whales The Sharks The Goldfish The Minnows The Starfish Note: 3 publicly traded Gold Mining Stocks are highlighted in each category for a total of 15 choices in…

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Victor Site 3468C 03.10.2011...Z-3

Alluvial Gold & Gemstone Consulting Service:

“Worldwide from Asia to Africa to Central & South America” Consulting Services Provided: -On-site Work: Initial site Inspection, gold grade & soil material sampling for machine production & gold capture system designs, GPS data collection for maps and preliminary alluvial mining plan/design -Project Engineer Consultant Report includes: -Maps (Many examples-See in Blog 25-Alluvial/Placer Gold Mining…

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River Aspects: One design component I use within my gold catchers: Waterfalls

This is a continuation of blog series: “Alluvial Gold River Characteristics” I use for my gold capture designs. 1. Waterfalls are drops: Here are photos of a few famous waterfall drops created by Mother Nature from Wiki link: She has created an infinite variety: Niagra, USA: Angel Falls, Venezuela; The tallest: Victoria Falls, Zambia:…

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Alluvial Gold Mining: One Gold Capture System component I use: Coir-the perfect gold catcher from Coconuts?

It certainly is one of the best for performance, availability and price! Gold this size and shape is easy to capture & catch with almost any sluice box insert (miners moss/nomad, indoor/outdoor carpet, rubber mats….etc : And this shape & size is also easy to capture and trap: But this gold size and shape below…

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Gemstone Capture Methods & Techniques for Mining Alluvial Gold & Gemstone River Basins

A big benefit for Artisan diggers & gold operators from China to Africa to South America! This title discussion on Gemstone capturing is taken from the Contents page 2 of 46; How to build e-book manual: GoldHarvester 20T (2 flume design): Contents: Plans & Specs inside include 1. Machine 1.1 Machine plan design (hopper &…

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Alluvial Gold River “Characteristics” I use in my designs for capturing gold. Is it possible?

It is for me. In fact I design all my GoldHarvester machines with my gold capture techniques and methods, based on what Mother Nature has taught me and continue to teach by my observations & experiences with them. Mother Nature has her own ability to concentrate & capture gold. Find out how, highlighted in this…

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hand holes for climbing

Alluvial Gold Mining (Benches) by Hungarian Rock Riffle Ground Sluices: Artisan Miners in Mozambique. You won’t see this in Canada, Alaska or China gold mining camps!

This is a fun blog post for me. I have during my Indiana Jones like real life explorations come across some of the most amazing & extraordinary local gold getting techniques ever seen on the planet. This is one of them. The photos speak for themselves: Driving into the Gold Camp: The Gold Camp: The…

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