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3rd golden nugget lous lake charles complete

Gold Master Investing 102: The Minnows role in the Ultimate Niche Business-The Golden Nugget 2 Hotel/Casino-Upside down?

My analogy of any Gold Metal Producer (Printer):  The Golden Nugget 2: I want you to create this picture in your mind. We are in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; we are there watching them build a 500 million to 1 Billion usd new Hotel/Casino; named ironically “The Golden Nugget 2”. The loan to finance this…

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“Gold Master Investing 101: (Buy & Hold) & Trade (Minnows) for Monthly Income”

I recommend for most Investors; to buy & hold the Killer Whales, Sharks, Goldfish and Starfish for the potential exponential growth (Capital Gains) they will have in this infant Gold Bull Run just starting; all detailed in my posts, “Ocean of Gold Manual” volume 1-Private Investor, my top 15 picks and my newsletter: “The Gold…

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“Brexit: The Gold Wave just became a Tidal Wave in the Ocean of Gold”

It happened; the UK leaves the European Union (EU)! An immediate historical landmark event, especially for the financial markets of the World, who all had there eyes on this, preparing for the worst. The UK has just sailed into uncharted waters, uncertainty reigned in Europe & all the World financial markets: I knew immediately how…

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