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hand holes for climbing

Alluvial Gold Mining (Benches) by Hungarian Rock Riffle Ground Sluices: Artisan Miners in Mozambique. You won’t see this in Canada, Alaska or China gold mining camps!

This is a fun blog post for me. I have during my Indiana Jones like real life explorations come across some of the most amazing & extraordinary local gold getting techniques ever seen on the planet. This is one of them. The photos speak for themselves: Driving into the Gold Camp: The Gold Camp: The…

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Making Money from Gold

There are many ways: Buy the physical gold (bullion or coins) and hold it. Buy gold scrap (jewelry or electronics) for the melt value. Buy into Gold funds and hold it. Buy stock shares of publicJunior Gold exploration companies who are defining reserves for future mining or about to produce Au metal. (My premium service)…

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gold master africa mozambique crushing

The Gold Master of Africa

A short background on Matt Montauk ~ The Gold Master of Africa I’m a goal and results oriented skilled Professional with 41 years of ascending supervisory construction, engineering and Geological mineral/mining development experience working on heavy industrial/commercial projects in Africa & the United States. The last 16 years I’ve worked in mineral mining business development overseas in Zambia, Mozambique,…

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African Gold Nuggets has launched!

How would you like to have been part of the California gold rush in 1849, only with today’s modern equipment? Instead of this in Africa? That can happen in Africa and other gold rich countries with my expertise, methods, techniques and personally designed equipment for light commercial production (10-30 tons per hour). Through this blog, I…

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