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“Brexit: The Gold Wave just became a Tidal Wave in the Ocean of Gold”

It happened; the UK leaves the European Union (EU)! An immediate historical landmark event, especially for the financial markets of the World, who all had there eyes on this, preparing for the worst.

The UK has just sailed into uncharted waters, uncertainty reigned in Europe & all the World financial markets: I knew immediately how the Financial markets felt & reacted: The S&P 500 index gapped down 100 pts. Gold rose $100/oz and crossed $1360/oz during intra day trading for a short time before closing at $1322/oz.

 See my Technical Analysis of the charts:

SP 500b37.. 24.06.16 b37

abb1Brexit Au b37..30m..24.06.16 - Copy

add1Brexit b37..Au 60m..24.06.16 - Copy

abcc1Brexit Au daily b37..24.06.16 - Copy

Brexit Au b37 monthly ..24.06.16

The full impact of this Brexit event will play itself out over the next 24 -36 months. I predicted; by reading my charts ( 8yr-monthly HLOC) the start of the gold Bull Run; the downtrend reversal occurred from January 19th, 2016  to June 20th,2016 and many of my gold stocks had double & triple digit stock gains. This is a verification time period and confirms the beginning of the Gold Bull run to me (my opinion). Quizzically; a bottom or top takes time to either fuel or defuel itself. The last Gold Peak took 18 months to defuel and fall. This reversal gold bottom occurring now is in the fueling period stage and as I’ve said before could take 18-24 before the big run up occurs because of various factors: (USA Presidential election, The Fed manipulating interest rates by raising them to strengthen the dollar and other ploys).

This can delay (trip) the Gold Bull and cause gyrations (yo-yo gold prices) during this fueling period stage of 18-24 months (All buying opportunities on pullbacks & dips!). Now the Brexit vote to leave the EU; throws in another huge factor: UNCERTAINTY and as the UK unwinds itself from the EU; ironically during this same 18-24 month; it can only be good for Gold and I surmise; speed up or shorten the time period before the big bull starts running full speed; a 24-48 month time frame to reach the next Peak Gold. And as the World witnessed it’s own financial fragility & fear on June 24th; I believe this next Gold peak will be much different this time around; much higher Gold prices & much longer at the top. We will see?

The immediate World knee jerk reaction (1 day) to UK leaving the EU was astounding & worse than I expected. It definitely shows how fragile the confidence is in the World finance markets. See this headline of many I read today:

Brexit panic wipes $2 trillion off world markets – as it happened

World markets have slumped in Europe, America and Asia, as economists predict that Brexit vote will push UK into recession

It’s a good time for Gold Investors, to say the least!

 “You have to go out on a limb, to pick the fruit!”

There is no risk in this Golden Apple, bake a golden pie and enjoy it for a few years!!


The Gold Master Africa – Gold Master Investing



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