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Alluvial Gold Mining (Benches) by Hungarian Rock Riffle Ground Sluices: Artisan Miners in Mozambique. You won’t see this in Canada, Alaska or China gold mining camps!

This is a fun blog post for me. I have during my Indiana Jones like real life explorations come across some of the most amazing & extraordinary local gold getting techniques ever seen on the planet. This is one of them. The photos speak for themselves:

Driving into the Gold Camp:


The Gold Camp:

05012010(148) 05012010(149)

05012010(151) 05012010(150)

05012010(153) 05012010(154)

05012010(155) 05012010(156)

05012010(157) 05012010(158)

The Headman:


Massive gold bearing benches being hand dug:

05012010(079) 05012010(101)

05012010(073) 05012010(126) 05012010(130) hand holes for climbing

See hand holds for climbing in & out of pits in upper left of photo above right.

This is their gold pay dirt (very fine gold-like flour) from the pits:

05012010(145) 05012010(146)

Ground sluicing trenches:

05012010(085) 05012010(083) 05012010(082)

They dig long trenches from where the digging pits are to over the bank to the river below up to 100-150 meters long:

05012010(094) 05012010(091)


Now they place the insides of Jacket liners (felt liners) in the bottoms of the trenches in a few places as shown:

05012010(087) 05012010(088) 05012010(089) 05012010(090)

Next they place their rocks shown at the top of trenches onto the carpets to form crude Hungarian Rock Riffle. This creates low pressure zones to drop the fine gold onto the carpet/jacket liners:

05012010(137) 05012010(138) 05012010(136) 05012010(140)



They then wash their gold pay dirt through the ground sluices. What happens? They collect some fine gold in the liners & carpets, however most of the gold is lost over the hill into the catchment slimes below where I showed them they’ve created a high gold value concentrate, perfect for my machines. See photos:

05012010(106) 05012010(105) 05012010(110) 05012010(108)


See me at the bottom of the hill on the river where all the gold ends up!

During the rainy season these sand concentrates all get washed down the river towards the Indian Ocean, lost forever! I never made it back here as I was on my way to 300 other sites that were far richer in my opinion!

An amazing real life gold exploration trip in Mozambique, Africa, believe it or not?

A GoldMasterAfrica quote: “This is Getting Gold one way in African, it’s not my way. We can teach & help them do better!”


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