Victor Site 3468C 03.10.2011...Z-3

Alluvial Gold & Gemstone Consulting Service:

“Worldwide from Asia to Africa to Central & South America”

Consulting Services Provided:
-On-site Work: Initial site Inspection, gold grade & soil material sampling for machine production & gold capture system designs, GPS data collection for maps and preliminary alluvial mining plan/design
-Project Engineer Consultant Report includes:
-Maps (Many examples-See in Blog 25-Alluvial/Placer Gold Mining Design/Plan recommendations
-Gold Production Optimization: Live Production Capacity and Gold Capture system recommendations from alluvial river basin materials sampled and tested
-Gemstone Alluvial Mining and Equipment Design/plans if river basin contains gems. All GoldHarvester machines have dual production capabilities
-Available to consult at any gold or gemstone site location in any country (depending on availability). Africa based at the moment the last 17 years.

See different photo examples from various reports done in Zambia, Mozambique & RDC (Congo):

Zambia Map with Montauk sites Kafwego...Ndola... 10.10.2011


Mozambique map Xavier Project location 3082 LPL


M-11 Xavier 3082 LPL site Victor Site 3468C 03.10.2011...Z-3 Congo Map Sangani Au Project loc Capture


White...springs from reef Ti loc map2 Ti loc map1 Test site loctions 1-4 and 5, 6 & 7-Bulk Production Test- TAuRiverMap14 TAuRiverMap13 springs2 springs along yellow reef reef springs1 red prime areas..4 Lub priority golares1 guy site GS pit n river2 Gold map 4 Gold map 3loc



CIMG7612 Chief Kasama Gold Project Area Bulk Production 5,6 & 7 ..CKasama base m - - Copy Brown line8 reef Brown line7 reef Brown line6 reef Au..priority Au..GS..1 Au reef system..Lub


2 fulls trommels gf placer trommel3 placer trommel placer trommel2 gs gold field test

Skype Consulting Service:

– Advice given on any questions or concerns about Alluvial/Placer Gold Mining and Capture Systems

– Advice given on any questions or concerns about Alluvial/Placer Gemstone Mining and Capture Systems


Contact Information for scheduling initial free Skype call:
– Skype Name: mattmontauk
– Email:


Skype Consulting Fees:
– First 15 minutes free then $100/30 minutes, paid in advance


Project Engineer Consulting Fees:
7 day program Sample Fees:
– $800/day (2 people) x 7 = $5,600
– $200/day expenses x 7 = $1,400
– Air Fare-Business class-$3,000/each x 2 persons= $6,000 or actual cost by client
– Total: $13,000

10 day program Sample Fees:
– $800/day (2 people) x 10 = $8,000
– $200/day expenses x 7 = $1,400
– Air Fare-Business class-$3,000/each x 2 persons= $6,000 or actual cost by client
– Total: $15,400

– Other Programs (Project Management, Training, Camp logistics….etc) based on Client requests & needs


Project Engineer Consultant Report Fee: $3000 – $5000 per assignment

– Cost dependent on Client requirements

– Completed within 5-7 business days after trip completed

– Payment on completion and hand over of report to Client


Future Consulting Services coming soon to my website:

1. Premium membership:

Gold Investment Strategies and Stock picks (analysis & recommendations) in publicly traded Gold Mining Companies listed on Canadian, London, Germany, South African and Hong Kong stock markets

2. Gold Mining Joint Ventures in several African countries

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