Gold analysis

Gold Master Investing Newsletter; More Advanced Technical Analysis of “Charts”

“Gold Investing Technical Chart Analysis”

Why buy gold investments now? Here’s why; see my advanced technical chart analysis of the Gold, Oil, Russel 2000, Nasdaq & US dollar markets. They tell a very compelling story to invest in Gold now, in the beginning. 

Gold Chart Analysis:

(8 yr-monthly prices)

Gold analysis

Do you think gold is going up, I do?  See below my technical analysis of Oil, Russel 2000, Nasdaq and USD Index charts to support my opinion.

Oil Chart Analysis:

(8 yr-monthly prices)

 oil chart

Russel 2000 Chart Analysis:

(8 yr-monthly prices)

russel 2000 index

Nasdaq Chart Analysis:

(8 yr-monthly prices)

nasdaq index

US Dollar Index analysis:

(10 yr-monthly prices)

USDpost 2006..2016 chart

Banks & countries can’t print gold but they can manipulate their currencies. The major banks & hedge funds of the world are buying gold, you should too. The smart money always gets in early for the big run up.

Buy your own gold printer: You see a gold metal producing mine is just one big gold printer.

They produce (print) gold from the ground by mining the ore, concentrating it, purifying it and then selling it; you can be a part owner of these Gold metal producers (printers). I’ll show you how.

Catch Gold from the Ocean of Gold

the gold net2

I will teach you, on this website how to profit from gold investing, there are many ways.


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